Hi all,
Hope everyone’s doing good. I am 2-months pregnant. We confirmed it 1 week before. Actually, I am sober for 4 months. I was an alcohol addict right from my teenage days. I felt that it was high time to stop and so I took a decision not to drink alcohol again. Yeah, I had support from my family. Otherwise, I would not have been able to overcome this. I showed so much withdrawal symptoms during the first two months. Without being able to control the pain, anxiety and other symptoms, I took CBD for anxiety from Newfoundland. I took it in order to overcome my symptoms, but now I am in a fear, whether it would have affected my baby. I am so worried now. I had some complication when I was pregnant with my elder child. But, fortunately, he is healthy. I fear whether the same thing will happen again. I didn’t know that I was pregnant as missing periods is a regular thing for me. Will the intake of marijuana affect my baby? Please give me some genuine replies.

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