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I was seeing this guy and things were going well. Until I told him I was late. He was shocked because we were safe a lot of the times. He said I`m fine and that he didn`t think I was pregnant. I told him that I`m never late and that I had an appointment that Monday. After that conversation I didn`t hear from him for a couple of weeks. I was texting him after my appointments and I told him I would keep him updated. One day after one of my appointments he finally text me back and that`s when he came clean. He told me that he`s married and he wants nothing to do with the baby. I was blown away! I wasn`t expecting him to say that. I thought he needed some time to take everything in but I never thought he was married. I had looked out for all the signs they say you should look out for to see if a man is married or not and there weren`t any signs. I didn`t over look anything either. Now I`m pregnant and I`m not sure what to do. He wanted me to get an abortion but I told him that I couldn`t get an abortion and now he`s ignoring me again. He said hes open to adoption or abortion. He doesnt want to be involved in the adoption process at all. I already have a LO and I can`t picture myself giving my child up for adoption. I don`t want to ruin his family and I definitely don`t expect him to leave her for me! I didn`t even know about her! I just want him to do what is right for our child. It hurts me to know that he`s over there being a good dad to his children but he wants nothing to do with this child. Apart of me feels like I don`t have the place to feel hurt by that because they were already there but I can`t help how I feel. I upset with him that he lied to me for so long and lead me on. This is exactly why I stayed single for so long because I didn`t want to end up in a relationship where I was lied to. I want to keep the baby raise the baby. I want him to be invovled in the child`s life. He just wants this to go away because he doesn`t want to ruin the fake picture of his life that he has. Any advice?

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