Hi ladies, when I had my daighter I stayed in a ward, since that`s all ohip will pay for & my hospital doesn`t have all private rooms, you have to pay for private or semi private. I can`t remember how much they told me it costs & I can`t find it anywhere on google, so I`m wondering if anyone knows? I`m thinking of putting money aside every month for a private room, since my roomate in the ward last time was AWFUL. I mean AWFUL. She smelled terrible she always left the bathroom so gross that I used the family washroom down the hall. She never attended to her crying baby whereas I would walk Emma down the hall when she was really wailing. She was loud & rude to her husband. Just not respectful. I had been in labour for 36 hours I needed what little sleep I could get but not so much with her in the room. Anyway, thinking it might be good to get a private room. Point being, does anyone know the cost?