For starters my boyfriend and I started talking the middle of June and it took awhile for us to finally start dating. He said it was because he was scared.

(He just recently broke up with his ex 2 months ago. And she is pregnant with his `supposed` child)

So, wondering why he was scared to start a relationship with me because he knew that is what I wanted, I ask him. ` Why are you scared? Are you scared because your afraid to jump into another relationship or are you afraid that your going to end up going back to your ex and possibly break my heart in the end. And he said the only reason he was scared was because he was afraid she would keep his child from him.

So then we end up starting to date, I change my relationship status on fb to in a relationship and send him a little thing and he still has not excepted it and his still says `it`s complicated` from his ex`s relationship.

Also, whenever he comes to see me. He only lives 20 mins from me he will stay one night and a little bit the next day and then make up an excuse as why he needs to leave.

I just feel like I am not getting back in return to what I am putting into this relationship. I mean I like him a lot actually, I have never developed feelings for anyone the way that I have with him. I just feel like I can be comfortable and be myself around him and he has told me that he feels the same way and he feels that he could tell me anything.

But whenever I text him and go hours and hours without a response whenever I know that he is awake because he is on FB commenting and liking stuff it just irritates the piss out of me.

Like yesterday he told me that he had something to do and he would text me whenever he got finished. Fine that`s okay, do what you have to do. But seriously? 8-9 hrs it doesn`t take you that damn long. So I texted him and told him I was going to bed. And 4 something yesterday after noon was the first time I heard from him that day and the last time I talked to him. No messages today.

I am thinking really? If you have all those feelings for me and you like me as much as you say you do and I am so perfect, incredible, amazing and whatever else you want to tell me that I am. WHY can`t you put forth some kind of effort letting me know that your wanting this to workout as well??

So, what I am looking for other than a place to vent is responses and not (get rid of him responses) but how would you feel in this situation, would you be as confused as I am right now. Do things seem fishy? I don`t even know what to say/ or do anymore. I feel like I have expressed my feelings and concerns enough to him and it`s still the same!

TIA πŸ˜€