I am 8 weeks pregnant and my doctor doesn`t see patients until between 10-12 weeks. I had to pull strings to get the appointment scheduled for just past 11 weeks, since the doc has a vacation…so that I could get in before my spring break trip. We are not making out announcement until after we have an appointment to confirm the pregnancy as viable (heartbeat, etc). Anyway, it is driving me crazy to wait. My only m/c was when I went in at 11 wks to be told `sorry, no heartbeat and baby only measures 6 wks.` My in-laws live in Florida and we plan to take a 22 hr roadtrip there and go to DisneyWorld, etc. Well, yesterday, it dawned on me that if I wait another 3 weeks for this appointment, thinking all is well, then go in and get bad news again…I will be in no mood to take off on vacation! Especially if I have to get another D&C! So, after posting the concern in week 8, a gal suggested I just call and demand to be seen due to worry. It didn`t work! I expecting a nurse to call me back though. I don`t know whether to stick with my story that I am just worried and want to be seen, or to embellish a bit and say the cramps I am having are concerning. (I have had cramps, but I think just gas.) Why is it that others seem to get U/s and I can`t even get seen. Very frustrating! Any advice?