Friday i will be 7 months pregnant, and for the past few nights i`ve felt really sick, lastnight i actually was throwing up for awhile and got very very hot like i was about to pass out. i have a doctors apt tomrrow for my sugar test, and i`m definatly mentioning it to her. My boyfriend thought i should have gone to the hospital lastnight because i was in so much pain and was very hot, instead i insisted on just going home and laying down. i`m just preying the baby is okay, i keep feeling him moving like normal, but i`m still worried. We`re also in the middle of a move (2nd one since i`ve been pregnant) so i`m thinking it might be because i`m so stressed out//moving once again. If anyone has also had problems like this, please contact me. Or if you have any idea why my stomach/body is acting like this please respond back. thanks.