Hey, I’m four months pregnant, so far I don’t have any complications(God’s grace). I had braces until my first month. Our baby is a surprise(Unplanned pregnancy). My hubby and I were planning to get married next year. Last month we got married when he realized about our baby.
Mine is a slight gummy smile, I was planning to have smile correction before our wedding! I had my orthodontic treatment from nearby cosmetic dentistry(Guelph, if that matters!). My dentist was suggesting to correct my smile even from the beginning as I have this excessive gingival display!
To have a budget dental work I was planning to have a Thailand visit.No I wasn’t planned to travel to Thailand only to have this smile correction, but my hubby’s company has clients in Thailand. He used to have annual client meetings there. We were waiting for this year’s meeting to have my dental works done along.
The thing is, he will be having his meeting next month, at that time I will be five months pregnant! I badly want to have a better smile, but both my hubby and I are concerned about the risks involved as I’m pregnant! My husband was the one, who is pushing me to correct my smile, but now, he seems to give more priority to our baby(Which I love actually!).
I have done a bit online reading to know the possibility of having a smile correction treatment during pregnancy. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything valid, yet it seems to be ok to have dental treatments while pregnant!
I have my checkup next Monday, I’m planning to have a detailed discussion with my gynecologist about this. But I’m pretty curious to know the chances of having a dental work now.
Does anybody know about this? If you could guide me through this, please answer my query, I badly want to know this the earliest!

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