Ok this is mah question,I really want to keep my baby infact im 15weeks N keep puttin off this abortion thing and even walked out of the doctor`s office when i was suppose 2 get one.And you may ask why? well I`ve been with my boyfriend for about 4 1/2 months and when we first starting being 2gether i was actually kind of sexually involved with someone else,but me N my boyfriend have NEVER used protection iit was like he was trying 2 get me pregnant,but for onetime i had sex with this other guy we dnt either but im sure he didnt `u no` how can i put dis without makin it uncomfortable `ejactulate` N me..but u never no,N mah heart I no its My boyfriends And everyone is telling me that it is!I even asked the guy N he said he dnt do dat inside me N its noway his,that reassured me but im still nervous aboput it.I dont want to be one of those stupid Maury girls that I use 2 laugh at,this is making it kind of hard for me to be happy about my pregnancy,cuz i dont believe in abortions N really dont want one!Anyone been in this situation or have sum kind of advice!?O yea N i wld hate 4 it 2 be the other guys cuz hes ugly N i HATE him,i was just buzzed seriously!! so i wldnt want to go thru. this N it turns out i carried his baby..yah no!!HELP!!!!!