Does anyone else feel like they don’t get comments on their posts here because of all the ADS that are posted? I come here because I need to vent, need advice, or whatever and I rarely get any response. I am either super lame lol or I get lost in between all the ADS and it is what it is. I am in a really blah mood today… well really have been for the last few days.. Week.. Something like that. I lost track. I am happy as all hell still about being pregnant, I love it love it love it. That isn’t the issue. But I feel if I start typing I don’t think I will be able to stop. LOL I just feel lonely, neglected, sad. Hubby works in the oil field, he works his week off too ( always has. ) I usually get him for 3 full days of his week of because hell just work it. Which the money is great sure. But it doesn’t do anything for me needing attention. I am not very needy. But we aren’t having much sex ( he says he isn’t horny much too much on his mind or some crap) Yet I’m growing a baby, taking care of our home, and our two year old and I have nothing on my mind??? Ya ok. But sex was the only thing we did together, alone, where his focus was me and mine was him and we were just together. I made a point to say we should go a day witih no technology, no phone, laptop, anything. And just be. But he rolled his eyes at me and barely said a word. Fine then I guess. I love him, and I know he loves me. That’s not an issue. It’s just that I don’t feel very loved. He is faster to point out my saggy boobs, and make jokes like they will be down to my knees by time I have this baby, and a zit on my face, then notice when I actually try to get all pretty and feel good bout myself and make him pay attention. But that doesn’t work. Ill clean the house top and bottom ( even though we have house cleaning service because we live in company housing, I love to clean and it’s my mess not anyone else’s.) He won’t snuggle with me, not the bed or on the couch, he wotn shower with me. He showres before work whenever he goes in because it “wakes him up” which is fine. But what is wrong with taking two showers. Why can’t he just be with me.. the shower is just an excuse to get him to myself for a lil while while our daughter is napping or occupied. I just miss him and ive raised my daughter myself the last 2.5 years. He has hardly been around. He works hard, and im a proud wife don’t get me wrong. But I have been shoved to the sidelines and it hurts because he used to love me, he used to make me feel happy. Now I just feel like a blob of pain in the ass who he wouldn’t notice was even gone.. See, I said I wouldn’t stop typing….lol it happens. But now I’m all crying and sad even more so. I don’t know what to do, I cook, clean, always make sure he comes home to a nice home, and everything but he never seems to notice. He still always finds something wrong in everything. He is faster to point out one small error then all the hard work I do. Even when I tell him how proud of him I am, and to be married to a man who wants to work so hard for his family. I am truly proud. But my heart, It aches, and idk what to do. Blah okay I guess I’m done. Hope someone sees this maybe. Hope all you ladies are well

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