I know i have writin a similer question before and thank you for those who have awnsed the were alot of help!I am 27 weeks pregnant just trying to figure out when exactly me and hubby concived>I have no clue when I accually ovulate never really paid that much attention.I however do have a regular 28 day cycle never really been late.My last period was 3/14 I took a pregnancy test on 4/11 wich came back positive 🙂 very faint line.Me and hubby had sex probly every other day during the week wich I should have been ovulation around the 28th so the internet says.Also we had sex on 4/7and I got light bleeding like a pinkish when i wipred on the 11th and got a positive pregnancy test either that day or the following cant remember exactly but it was one of those days.My question is could we have concived when we had sex on the 7th or would that be to late for a positive pregnancy test 5days later?Would i even ovulate that close to my period? I was due to start again on 4/11 around when i took my pregnancy test.Or do you think we concived a couple weeks before?ss for all the questions.This pregnacy has just been really hard alot of pain I know it is only a couple weeks diffrence but I am really hoping this little boy comes around the first of december any help would be greatly appreciated.thanks so much!