ok, so i am not a mean person. i love kids, well most anyways. and im not sure if maybe its just my hormones acting so bitchy but.. i have been with the same man for 2 1/2 years now. when we met he told me he had a son with a previous girlfriend BUT she didnt ever let him see his son! My man missed out on ALOT of his sons life, he knows me better than he does his own son cause they split up when their son was 1 years old. well, he and i now have a 1 year old and his son is now 3 1/2. BECAUSE his ex and i have become friends, she NOW lets him have his son on the weekends and some week days. here lately, i DREAD!!!! the days the we have him. i cannnot standdddd having him at the house for too long bc he gets on my nerves. im not trying to be mean and i dont want to feel that way, but all 3 of us have a routine and when he is here he messes it up. am i a bad person or what?? is this normal? i have even told my man the way i feel about this and he says that `half the time he agree`s with me` because he is not used to his son being here alot that it throws everything off.. i am also pregnant so it makes dealing with 2 kids a lil harder..ADVICE PLZ

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