Hi, girls! You know, I want to share my story. I know that today a lot of women unfortunately can’t have their own children. And in this situation they may choose several ways to make their families full. And IVF is one of them. But today it is not so easy for them to find answers for their questions. That is why some women can’t make a decision to turn to IVF. They just hesitate, some of them are afraid. That is why I want to tell a little about. I am 44 and now I am a mother of two children. Unfortunately, I can’t get pregnant naturally. My husband and I tried for almost 10 years. After that we turned to doctor and find out why we can’t have a child. The doctor recommended us to turn to IVF. At that time we knew almost nothing about it. But the doctor helped us. As the result I became a mother. It is so great! Several years later we decided to turn to IVF again. The several attempt was successful too. Of course, at first I wasn’t sure that it is worthy. But my spouse said that at least we should try. And he was right. If you want to gain the wanted results, you need to do something. The most difficult part of this road is the beginning. But I wasn’t alone. My family helped me not to lose hope and believe in myself. Now I know that IVF really works. It is a real chance to make your dream come true. So, ladies, you should think about it. Hope that every woman that can’t get pregnant naturally will be able to create a full and happy family!

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