Hi, I am Sara from Los Vegas. I have been trying to conceive for last few years. In my early ages, I tried everything to keep from getting pregnant. I did sex with the partners while using the condom and used pills. It’s the story of my twenties.

Now I found a man to whom I want to respect. He is a great personality and I love him a lot. Now I want to build a loving family and I want to make it but nature has a great way to prove me wrong. I had read all the statistics and want to conceive for my baby. I am feeling empty without it.

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Hello I am sorry to hear your problem of infertility. I suggest you consult a good gynecologist to solve your problem. It is so nice of you that you shared your story in this forum. I have seen many ladies, isolating themselves because of their infertility issue. It is good that you have shared. You can only find your solution when you will share. I think you will find many ladies in this forum who are trying to conceive just like you. I want to suggest some useful tips by which you can check yourself and your partner for the reason for infertility. It is very important to find the correct reason for the infertility issue in order to erase it from the root. You have to understand that you must have a regular cycle to conceive a baby. You should first convince your partner to have a semen analysis test done. This is the right way to solve the problem because men have to undergo only a single test but a lady has to undergo several tests. All the best!

Hi Sara, how are you doing? I hope this comment finds you in the pink of health. It is so brave of you to come forth with your story. I know how difficult it must be but it is very important for one to be vocal about these issues and never lose faith. For your issue at hand, what you must immediately do is meet the challenge head-on. Go to the relevant gynaecologists and fertility advisory clinics. Get yourself properly checked up as well as your partner to find the root cause of the problem. Only then, can it be resolved wholly. I wish you all the luck and courage in the world. May all your dreams come true.

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