Hi, I am Sara from Los Vegas. I have been trying to conceive for last few years. In my early ages, I tried everything to keep from getting pregnant. I did sex with the partners while using the condom and used pills. It’s the story of my twenties.

Now I found a man to whom I want to respect. He is a great personality and I love him a lot. Now I want to build a loving family and I want to make it but nature has a great way to prove me wrong. I had read all the statistics and want to conceive for my baby. I am feeling empty without it.

Hello I read your post today and I am feeling sorry for your unpredictable infertility issues. First of all, I must say that you can only defeat your infertility problem with patience. However, it is not an easy thing to achieve but, you are not alone in this world. Today, infertility problems are very common in this world but, one should never lose hope. I was also suffering from infertility issues three years back from now that is in 2014. I think this is my great opportunity to share my personal experiences with you. Talking of infertility, men and women both equally face infertility issues according to medical research. Approximately 30% of the problems are in women, another 30% in men and other 40% in both. So, don’t blame yourself only for any infertility issues as the problem can be in your partner as well. Consult a good gynecologist, seek her advice and perform all the infertility tests she suggests. You can also opt for IVF treatment which is the most reliable treatment in the world. If you have a regular menstrual cycle, then chances of infertilities are less in you. In this case, you can suggest your partner have a semen analysis test which is a very low – cost test. If any problem occurs in your partner then you can opt for IUI treatment. However, without performing any tests you can directly opt for IVF test tube baby treatment. There is a lot of technological advancements today that means you don’t have to worry much.

Hi sara! I recently went through your post and i am very sorry for the infertility issues you are facing.This is an issue that is also with many other females in the world including me and we have to fight it together. I have a heart disease that prevents me from having my own baby. How painful is it. I know the pain we have to go through because of this. I see families happy and complete and there is a feeling from inside that why not me. Sara we have to be patient and keep praying for all of the female who are facing such problems. I have been consulting different gynecologists. Every one gave their own treatment plan and I followed those treatment plans regularly. Still could not find the cure. Now a days, i am consulting a new gynecologists which us very expert in such cases and i am having medicine on regular basis. I hope this treatment turns up things for me. The best thing to hold on with in such situations is hope. Get you partner with you to every gynecologist so he also knows that you feel to give him a baby and complete the family and he stands with you in this situation to give you strength. Rest leave it on GOD.. You don’t need to be worried. All will be good.

Hi Sara, there’s nothing wrong to have sex with men you don’t wanna build a family with when you’re young, it takes growing up and the right man for sure. I’m glad you found yours now. It’s irrelevant to your infertility issue really, but I guess you mentioned your past sexcapades out of some inclination to believing that it’s what being punished or something. A lot of women go through infertility without having done anything, so drop those self-pity and self-regret thoughts on the first place. How long have you been trying to conceive? What do the diagnostics and the Dr have to say about the cause of your infertility? It’s possible that something is preventing you from having a baby naturally but then hope is not lost totally. There are medications, therapies and even assisted fertility to help you if it gets to that. I’m sure the fertility clinics in Las Vegas can handle it aptly. Stay optimistic!