I have 2 daughters & I`m pregnant with my 3rd, just found out last week that I`m having a Boy!! We are very happy & excited. My question is pretty much, what do we need..lol. I have all the big items, we have a crib, bassinett, pack n play, bouncy seat, swing. I want to start buying some things before he gets here, I don`t wanna go crazy on clothes because I wanna wait & see how big he is. I put a few things on lay away. I got a few 3 pack of onsies (size 0-3mths), a baby blanket, monkey head baby blanket, changing pad cover, pack of bibs. Just wondering if anyone else can think of anything else I would need, especially if you`ve have 2 or the same or even one of the same & then found out your having the opposite sex? Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated, Thank 🙂

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