So ladies…my parents planned a trip to the zoo and they want to go either this weekend or next depending on the weather. Well my mom is convinced that I will not be able to walk around the zoo all day so she wants to take a wheel chair for me…I told her I don`t want that! I don`t know what to do…I mean it is difficult for me to walk a lot in the heat especially but I feel stupid using a wheel chair just because I am pregnant…it`s not like pregnancy is a handicap that requires a wheel chair! I just don`t know what to do or what to tell her….I know it is probably just because they don`t want to be slowed down by me having to sit every 1/2 hour…but if I need to sit down I can find a bench and they can go on without me…I will catch up at some point! Would you ladies feel stupid doing this too?? Or have you ever used or seen some1 use a wheel chair when they were big and pregnant?!?