Hey Ladies, My son is 4 years old and I think he has ADHD and I also think that my husband does too, my son can`t sit still, doesn`t watch tv as he can`t sit still, has trouble concentrating on anything, he has started school now ans still doesn`t know his colours and shapes I try to teach him but its a nightmare!!! he has meltdowns all the time and is very loud and doesn`t stop talking and repeating himself, It is so tiring for me, I`m not sure whether to take him to the Dr`s now or wait and have a parent and teacher meeting and wait and see how he is doing in school? what should I do? My hubby was never diagnosed but he can never relax, never finishes jobs, very loud and talkative, very impulsive/obsessive and always rushing everything, he didn`t do well in school and can`t write or spell properly. Thanks