Baby care essentials

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    Does my baby really need that much stuff?



    I was so exhusted those first few months! I thought life would never get back to normal. Someone recomended a sleep device to me. I also read Dr. Sears book. He reomends sound machines. I’m not sure why babies don’t like to sleep in the quite? Maybe due to the womb isn’t quite. Anyhow, the sound machine made a big difference. We use a little portable one called sleepy bee. ( We also use a box fan in our house. She seems to love the sound of the fan too. Babies are a miricle and a mystry! 🙂



    This site promotes Cloth Diapers….

    Breast Milk Storage | How to Store Breast Milk | How to Increase Breast Milk Supply | How to Increase Milk Supply | Lactation Supplement | Lactation Consultant | Breastfeeding Diet

    Have any of you used Cloth Diapers before? I heard that parents can save money by using them instead of using throw away diapers. Can any of you share your reviews on Cloth Diapers vs throw away diapers?

    That site also promotes numerous other products for toddlers and Mothers such as toys, nursing covers, breast milk storage products and more. However, at this time I’m only interested in knowing about the cost effectiveness of using Cloth Diapers. If any of you have also tried any of the other products on that website, then can you share your comments about them? Thanks and have awesome happy day!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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