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    How do you care for the daily needs of your child?



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    Have you tried bathing with him. Skin to skin and when you get out it’s the pair of you doing it together. I thought it could be the heat but you said it wasn’t that. I’d try doing it together. Maybe he’s just scared and needs moms warmth and security.



    Possibly a different time of day to bath him. It probably won’t help with the crying but, it would give him time to settle down and forget about the bath and get a good night’s sleep.



    My son is 15 months old.. I was wondering how long do most parents use the baby wash and other baby produts on their children. What age should you start using regular soap and lotion. When he’s with my mom she uses regular bar soap on him but I still use baby johnson products.



    Mommy4-2, not sure if about others, but my son is 4 1/2 and we still use the baby soap and lotion. It seems more gentle for him plus it smells so good! 🙂



    Nicolasmom-wow 4 1/2…He has a while on the baby products than….thanks


    My son is 6 and I still use the baby bath head to toe wash. It is the tearless one. He loves to play in the tub still and this way I do not have to hear about soap in his eyes and now with a 8 month old I only have to buy soap for both.



    My oldest is 13 and he uses regular soap, my 9 year old uses the baby soap and so does my 19 month old. I prefer it. It is more gentle on skin and best til your child can wash safely without getting soap in their eyes. Nothing more painful soap in your eyes so I prefer it for as long as they want 🙂 You def dont want regular soap to get into your babys eyes from the lather or soapy water. It burns! (())


    am 10 weeks and 6days and since i found out that i was expecting the stopped gym. after how long can i go back to the gym and what lite excises should i be doing.



    Hello Ladies:
    My baby boy used to be ok w/ baths… he was very comfortable then out of the blue moon he cries and screams… it’s not the water (hot or cold) I always check it.. it’s just right.. warm.. nice! I don’t know what went wrong. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Nopey, I have twin boys and one of them went through a phase of screaming like mad everytime I put him in the bath…. his brother was fine so wasn’t the water temp, etc, etc. I just kind of waited it out… he still had baths but they were very quick and I didn’t make a drama of it, just got him washed and out… eventually he got back into them with lots of distractions like toys and bubbles, etc. He is good as gold now and loves his baths and swimming at the pool, etc. It took about a month I think. They are both 18 months now, and I think the bath thing was around a year old or so…. not sure. Anyway, good luck!



    manda-may : thanks for your reply. I gave him a bath last night… and thankfully he didn’t cry.. he was about to.. made faces.. but then got it over with.. that’s what I was doing.. quick baths in and out.. just to wash him out… It felt good not hear him scream and cry… I just didn’t know how to calm him in there.. I always do alot of talking, singing to distract him.. I guess it worked last night.. let’s see what todays hold.. I was even able to give him a quick massage.



    my lil man is one month old today. he sometimes likes baths and other days does not. shouldn’t he be used to it by now. ?????


    Member My baby hated the bath until she was about 3 months old, she loves bath time now, give it time he will get used to it : )

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