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    hi, every parents must know that how to bath child? because some teenagers mom do not know about that. It is important to make child clearance.



    nice information.

    about the babies



    Help I cant seem to burp my baby.. all she does is puke all her milk up. sje is 6 days old and breastfed.



    a nurse told me at this stage some of the breast fed babies might not burp.
    if they don’t burp in 2 min. don’t worry about it.



    i was on this website over 2 years ago.. does it still have a chat room? can anyone HELP



    Reading back there seems to be a toss up between Pampers and Huggies, anyone know if there is a poll up between the 2?



    Hello, I havent had my little angel yet but I had a question. I havent had a baby in the house in over 8 years and I was wondering if anyone knows of any brands out there that still make those plastic lined diapers. Ive bought Huggies and Pampers but they are both the cloth type. Does anyone know of any brand I dont even care if its generic that still makes the plastic lined type diapers??



    I have used Pampers Swadlers from day 1!! She is 8 mon old today. We tried Huggies a few times cause we got a free try of it. IT leaked!!!! I mean BIG TIME!!! We used the Luvs cause we got a free sample, LEAKED!! She hasnt had ANY diaper rashes AT all when using Pampers. Pampers are a great price, too.



    My daughter wears MamiPoko (Japan brand). It adsorbs well


    I agree with you ‘imreadythistime’ I had the same problem with pampers so switched to huggies and have not looked back.



    so we had two leaks last night! one was in huggies and one was in luvs… i dont have a certain brand i use bc im still using all the diapers from my shower. usually we have no leaks with any so i dont know what happened…maybe just a lot of pee!?


    I used Pampers with my son after Huggies failed me on several occasions. My son had really fat legs so the Huggies would always leak on the sides. I would recommend trying them both and see which one works best for you.


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    Funny Pampers always leaked for my son and they smelled funny. I use Huggies. No leaks! I guess everyone has different experiances with brands.



    Same with us. Pampers leaked out the top of my son’s diapers. We use Huggies Supreme. The regular Huggies didn’t work either but the gentle care and then natural fit worked perfectly. I’ve come to find out that it depends on the shape of your baby. Kekoa is tall and very skinny with muscular legs. I’ve noticed that bigger tummy babies work better with Pampers but tall babies in Huggies. Whatever works!

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 117 total)

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