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    You can trim the nails of ur little one by the plastic made Baby scissors. Quality of these scissors is, that they do not harm ur child nails or do not over cut them and they do not create septic or any kind of becteria to harm ur child…. u can buy these scissors from Beauty impex onine beauty store. this link will help u:



    I bit my babies nails… the nail trimmers were far too scary looking! Now they are bigger I can use scissors, but it didn’t seem to do them any harm.



    I have a question for anyone who might be able to answer. My baby is 6 months old but i have never had to clip his toe nails (only the big toe) i do have to clip his fingers (well i bite them seems safer to me) but his other toe nails just don’t seem to grow, they are there they just don’t grow. Is this normal?



    I actually bite my babies nails carefully, if I do use the clippers I use them when the baby is sleep..that’s the best time to do it.



    Has anyone noticed that their babies nails has slowed down growing? I used to have to do my babies nails ever other day, and now it has been weeks, and they still aren’t too long. She is 6 months old, and EBF



    The nurse at the hospital told me to tear my sons nails when they started tearing themselves. It wasn’t always easy but it was an alternative 🙂



    MY baby has bad brethe she is 7 months with 2 teeth any ideas on how to fix this would be great



    My son has 4 teeth now & he’s 6 months old, i never new i had to take care of them!! Argh



    wow, good information. so I can take care of my baby’s mouth and teeth from an early age.
    thank you
    sorry if my english is not good

    about the mothers and babies



    Uncirc’d dont get pulled back but cric’d does once healed to clean and to prevent reattachment ~ the pulling back and not pulling back differs from circ’d and uncirc’d. We began pulling back gently after a week once they were healed and it went perfectly 🙂



    My 11 day old son just was circumcised yesterday. He screamed so much that I’m not sure that area was entirely numb. I don’t entirely trust this doctor because he missed the delivery because he was eating and when I called because the stitches were hurting worse instead of getting better, he blew me off, but….Is it possible he didn’t wait long enough and my son felt it?

    It was a hard procedure to see…I hate seeing my baby that unhappy.



    my son IS circumcised and we were only told to put vaseline on gauze and put it on the tip then at his one month our pedi looked at it and asked if we were pulling it back everytime we changed it we didnt know u had to so dereks actually started growing back over!



    I took my son Zack to see his pediatrician for his 6 month wellness visit, and mentioned that he lacked pressure when he urinates. Every baby boy I’ve ever seen could hit you in the face with his stream if he let loose while you changed them, but not Zack. She thought it might indicate a narrow urethra and said she’d take a look. Anyway, the next thing I know Zack’s screaming in pain… I look down, and his penis tip is bloody. She had pulled the skin back to have a look. I was very disturbed by this. She told me to put Polysporin on the tip for a few days and it would be fine. It seemed fine again in a couple of days. But I wonder, if it’s not meant to be pulled back until they’re older, what does it mean for my son now that his has been?? Do I have to care for it differently? The doctor didn’t instruct me on this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…



    i just had my baby boy circumcised on december 1st. how do i tell if it is healed or not???



    all 3 of my boys were circumcised at 3weeks old and i didnt need to use vaseline or gause or a 2nd nappy and i could bath him the same that i had b4 it and i have never pulled back anything there was never anything to pull back, maybe my boys were done a different way. they were given a local and then a plastic ring was inserted into foreskin and then a elastic band was tied on the ring right at the bottem of the forskin then the skin was just snipped off. and took 5 – 10days to heal on its own.
    there was no screaming from any of them and they were happy to chat and smile at the nurse.

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