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    My hubby had it and another I know did and they did perfectly fine ~ big hugs (((()))) I know how scary it is, my 2nd son had to have surgery when he was 2 and it was scary but he did wonderfully (())



    lyfe – I didnt have that happen to my son, and I understand what you must be going through. But it is something that has to be done, and I’m sure that your little one will be ok. Good luck



    lyfe-oh goodness.. I am sorry I hope everything works out…my sons’ testicals were not descended at birth but happend shortly surgery needed..but I am sure your little guy will be’s better now than waiting. HUGS



    lyfe – it’s ok – a very simple little procedure to allow the testicle to come down from the abdomen. My son will need the same surgery for his right testicle some time this fall. He’ll be fine, and go on to have no problems later in life.



    So my Little man is circumcised but he has so much pudge above his penis that he has an innie. When i push/pulled it out one day i noticed a hole around where the cut was made. He is 5 months old now!! It has puss that comes out of it. The doctor said it is a tear and that it will go away on its on as long as we clean it and daily. which we do every time we change him. Its been like 2 maybe 3 months since i first found it. If your baby boy had this problem how long did it take to heal?


    ckofron- I have 2 sons, both cercumsized. i wouldnt do it if I were you, wait until they are older. my first son’s got really bad and regrew, so now he has a surgeon redo it when he is older. its really upsetting, because he peditrian says that we can’t do it now, since its a major surgery and also because if we do it now, the surgeon might take too much off and then he would have erections that hurt.



    I’m due anytime now with my first boy (I have two girls)and iam so nervous about my son getting circumcized and the aftercare…my husband and everyother male I speak with says to do it…I told hubby he’s taking care of it after…was anyone elsereally nervous about this with a first son?



    My son’s healed in about 2 weeks.



    My son just had the plastibell done and it appears to be falling off now. But the head of his penis seems to have a white (maybe pus filled) ring on one side of it? Is this just a part of the healing or maybe infection? I have talked to a nurse and she said it sounds normal, but I can’t help but be worried. Also, did anyone use any type of wound care after the plastibell fell off?



    My baby’s healed really fast by keeping it dry with the alcohol then putting a glob of vaseline around the wound. However, he got a small infection from a small amount of desatin in the fold. We didnt notice and it got infected. If your baby is circd make sure you wipe around the head to get any access desatin that might have gotten stuck.



    Ok ladies I have kind of a weird question…we had my son circumcised at the hospital when he was born (now he’s 3 1/2 month old) and we went to a doctor visit last week and our doctor was out so we saw another one and she said that our son is not circumcised!?!?! I mean we watched the doctor do it so I know he was and for about two weeks after he was born it looked like he was circumcised but now it doesn’t?? Has anyone else ever had this situation happen to their baby 🙂



    Thanks 2babys! That does make a lot of sense because he is a very chubby baby (3 months 2 weeks old and 18 pounds) lol but we’re going to ask his doctor about it when we see him later this month 🙂



    my son was circumcised a day after he was born.. he had a plastibell… anyone elses son have this ?



    Max1214 – Yup, it’s actually great. The care is really easy. With our son you just needed to keep it clean and dry. We didn’t need guaze or vaseline to care for it. The plasti-ball actualy fell off before my son’s cord stub did which was less then a week after it was done. Very easy!



    It’s good to read about other babies that had the ‘plastibell’ done. My son had that done too. He is 8 days old now, so it was done a week ago. It still hasn’t fallen off yet. However, his umbilical cord fell off last last which has me a little worried bc I thought the umbilical cord would take longer? Do you guys think that’s okay?

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