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    yikes! i’m due in 4 months and have absolutely nothing ready at all! i’m not getting help either and i need to get a move on!!=\ ugh!


    Hi All, I am 22 weeks pregnant. I already have a 6 year old daughter who we adopted 5 years ago. I have some things like a crib, change table and dresser from my daughter, but I still have to by the other essentials. I have already bought a few things. I bought a travel system, crib bedding and a swing so far. I bought them from Kijiji. The travel system and crib bedding were brand new, yet I got them for half the price they would cost in the store. The swing was gently used; it is in great condition. I plan to continue buying this way for as much as I can. I already worked out a baby budget and it is going to cost me an additional $800.00 to get the initial things (some essential, some luxury). To make it easier, I have been tucking away money so that I don’t have to come up with the money all at once. I don’t want to go into debt. Also, buying things in stages will help. I will probably have a shower too, so that will take a lot of the burden off.


    MINE CAME OUT TO 7800!!! OMG!? is that how much it really costs?


    Depends if you need daycare or not. The average priced option suits my style best, but the daycare cost with that is 10,000 dollars, when I pay only $5,000 a yr for daycare. So I use the average button and subtract a total of $7,000 from it for other over-priced items on it. Keep in mind, when you have a second child it will be easier as you will already own most of the baby gear, which is why it is a good idea to buy gender neuteral colors.



    Seriously… If you figure that you are raising another life…. even 20,000 isn’t a lot. Mine was 3736.00. I thought that was super cheap…. actually… I think it’s wrong…. It should be way higher. Buy second hand though… makes a lot of sense. My inlaws gave us the crib… I just didn’t check that box. Kids are angels… and worth every penny… I can’t wait….



    wow…mine only came up as $1635 and I didn’t even go with used stuff!!


    dang. mines only 1113. but, we still have t ons of new stuff we never got a chance to use with our first baby.



    mines cost 640.00 yearly and 53.33 a month i dk if that right



    Mine was $1541 and i am having twins…


    omg!! $1503!!!! and this is my 2nd little boy so ive got alot of clothes lol



    holy crap only 796???!!!!!! someone is lying to me!lol



    my little boy turned 1 last month so im really lucky that i have kept all the main stuff, the only expense i have is doubly pram, and clothes if its a girl!!!! love it xx



    $3,214.00! Not going to show this to daddy, lol. Hopefully will go down a few hundred though after baby shower, I have a huge family and they are probably going to get a stroller, car seat, etc; they’ve already said they want to do some of the ‘big’ stuff. Still will be quite a lot though!



    Alot of this stuff I put down for people to get me at my shower and my crib/stroller/car seat is being gifted by the grandparents. 1200 is not bad at all if thats true.



    Well that ant as bad as i thought. $3,528 for the first year. But it is a just a guess.

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