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    Only $1189? That is if I go with cloth diapers. I have 3 kids already, so I know what is really necessary. I remember it being so much more expensive with the first!!



    OMG kids are not cheap.. They said my baby will cost $15280.00, the first year!! CRAZY!!!!!



    This is so bogus! It says that my baby will only cost 219.00 I know that I already have the stuff, this being baby #2, but I have a few things to buy…not to mention that their estimate of cloth diapers is way off! I still need to buy small diapers and that alone will run me about 100.00…not to mention the fact that those only fit for up to maybe 5 months…good thing I already have the larger diapers…DONT BELIEVE THIS!!!



    Whoa baby…$4882.00…haven’t had my shower yet though. Hopefully the families will help to offset a few of the big items.


    reckons $690 (about Â425). I have spent Â480 so far for everything I wanted on the tick list but that amount also includes all my maternity bras and breast pads, disposables knickers and pads, my washbag items, 3 packs of newborn disposables for hospital use and a total of 40 re-useable nappies, and a second car seat for DH’s car. So it can be done cheaply…good luck if you are having baby on a budget too!


    everything is lot less since this is my 2nd one and i have bunch of stuff i can re-use…it was lot for my first one.



    lol nappies are the most expensive but thats ok



    $495.00 baby costs for the first year, but even then I know there are things I didn’t spend that much money on. I didn’t realize how blessed I am, because everything I have for my baby was given to me by random people, the car-seat, stroller, toys, baby bath, 95% of her clothes, blankets, bedding…etc were all given by family and extended family.



    $7538 And I am reusing a ton of stuf from my oldest! WOW. I am sure my oldest cost more than that so I guess it’s good that the cost decreases but I was hoping for a 200-300 answer like many other ladys here got!



    mine was $5948… not bad for Triplets



    mine was $5948… not bad for Triplets



    Wow, only 680! Teenagers cost wayyyyyyy more lol!



    This calculator is fasle becuz being a single mom I have spent more than 1,227.00 on baby items with my mom and stepdad we alone have spent over 1,227 dollars on baby items.



    With my first now 12 months old, i spent over $10 000… I like to shop, i shopped every week and more Buying baby stuff when i was pregnant… Now i’m trying to conceive my second baby, and def will not spend no where near that much! I have saved all my sons clothes, toys and swings, bouncers ect… I now buy him toys once a year at the Australia’s biggest toy sale and then i store them in his wardrobe until his birthday and christmas… I spent $1500 on toys this year, and every season, i spend $450-900 on clothes every fortnight nappies and wipes cost $100, and every week we buy formula and baby food comes to $60, then every month i buy lotions creams and baby wash $50… They def are not cheap… Prices are different here in Aus to UK and US…



    $465.00 Thats not bad! I believe it too… because they don’t add in medical care and such. But thats not to bad if you ask me.

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