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    Look up Bundles of Joy on google!

    I ordered a medium sheep from them for our baby a while back, and it was so lovely, so i went back to them and i ordered a personalised blanket for my friends baby, and i was so surprised at how quickly it came! i ordered it on a sunday, and it arrived at her house on tuesday (i chose next day delivery) and was gift wrapped and with a tag and everything!

    I will tell anyone and everyone about the lovely products that this company have, and about how fast the service was!
    I hope our family and friends buy us lots from the site, as i have picked out quite a few things that are gorgeous!

    Seriously guys, check this website out!



    My cousin recently told me about the program at At her recommendation I signed up for their sampler program and I have to share the amazing results with everyone. Using this program last night for the first time, my husband and I had an overflowing cart of groceries and non food general items. In all it rang up to $538.16 but thanks to this program we only paid $ 32.88! We weren’t the only ones shocked, the cashier’s mouth dropped. It is literally about paying pennies on the dollar for everything!



    Here’s more product reviews, mainly on buggies and baby carriers



    There are some wonderful products for traveling with baby invented by an active mom at They are worth checking out.



    i am looking for the baby gate that automatically closes and locks behind you. Anyone know what I mean?


    I found the wee-go bottle covers for the glass bottles. i think theyre awesome idea. Theres Thinkbaby bottles, greentogrow bottles, born free bottles, and dr brown bottles but you have to get the cloudy colored bottle thats made out of Polypropylene, its suppose to bpa free. Glass bottles are always a good choice. I was also wondering. when you put the bottles in the microwave steralizer container. isnt that consider microwaving your bottles which is bad?????? thanks



    yup, the nuk nipple no more. for the past week it’s been the playtex drop ins. i’m bummed about the disposable liners, i try hard to be as eco/green as possible, but if she’ll drink during the day………..oh well………we’ve decided this will be her bottle. no more switching!



    Well, I purchased the first years breastflow bottles. I will be only be feeding my baby breastmilk once in a while from it. Kind of a ‘just-in-case’ thing. This whole BPA thing has me freaking out a little. What do you think about these bottles? It can’t be that bad or they wouldn’t sell them, right?



    those breastflow bottles are really great. i used em with my son. the playtex ventaire ones also work really well.


    I am using platex dropins and they are soo much more convienet.


    I love MAM the shape of the nipple is so great that my daughter doesn’t makes a big sloppy mess and she is not as gassy



    my girl wouldn’t have anything to do with the first year bottles. but every baby is different. as for bpa, i’m personally trying to avoid it. of course, at one point i had no choice, i couldn’t get my baby to take a bottle! canada has banned all bottles with bpa. i think many countries in europe have too. i think bpa leaches more into the milk when the bottle is heated.



    Has anyone else had a problem with the measurements coming off the bottles? The printing on the playtex ventair I just bought came off in one day. Same thing happened to the Dex bottles I ordered. Such a pain…the only bottles this hasn’t happened to are the Avent ones but they leak half the time.



    I HAVE FOUND THE GREATEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD FOR BOTTLE FED BABIES!!!!! They are called Tommee Tippee Compact Feed Dispensers. Basically its a compact airtight dispenser that sit inside your bottle(tommee tippee only) you put the right ounce feed in there, the right amount ounce water in the bottle and then sit the dispenser inside(like russian doll effect) then put the teat n cap on as normal. this eliminates wasting feeds as we all know formula lasts 2hr whrn made. water lasts 24hrs b4 stale. we use them when going out n make enough for the night feeds so we dont have to deal with screaming baby mid night. We wrap the bottle in a towel and sit on radiator for the night so its nice and warm for him. when needing a feed take out the dispenser n pour feed in water n shake as normal. I dont know if they are old news im late catching on but ive just found them and they are amazing. 6 dispensers for about 2. just wash n sterilise.



    i use born free and i love them.
    i breastfeed and pump. (my pump is an avent kind and i too have those bottles; there good too; bpa free)

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