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    my baby i now 2 months old, i have him sleeping in his cot mostly through the day but at night ill let him sleep in there until he wakes me up then i just wake up and put him in my bed. Thing is there are times were he gets his leg caught in the side bars and starts screaming. I dont want to put anything like bumpers in cause i heard not to put anything in the cot as it may cause SIDS. what can i do?



    honeybee621 – u say ur mum gave u a crib, if its 2nd hand then the mattress should be new. all sites/midwifes say this. a mattress has to be a certain size for the cot/crib, i think the gap between the mattress and side of cot is something approx an inch, but itll say in mattress books/catalogues. if your crib converts to a bed then buy a memory foam/spring one…they last longer so you wont need to change the mattress when you convert it. but if you go for spring then itll only do a couple of years. a memory foam/spring combined should last about 5 years and it cost 80 from mothercare (uk). decide on what retailer you wanna buy from 1st. some companies make it so you cant buy other companies mattress. like mamas&papas. i dont think you have pay ridiculously high, but we went mid range,max 100. its waterproof on top, n has heat filtering system in middle layer so the baby doesnt overheat. along with memory foam n spring for durability. oh n when u shop for one, make sure you have the measurements with you.



    honeybee621 – My mom always said that she spent more money on the mattress then the crib. I think I spent about the same! It’s crazy I know but the mattress is the most important part of the crib. You want a firm mattress. Yes, that is one of the reasons they are more expensive. Babies should sleep on a nice firm mattress, I guess we should too. HAHA! We bought a Serta I think. I know it is made of organic materials. I think we spent around $200 for it. I’m not sure if buying organic is really needed but we had the money and decided that this was one of the things we didn’t want to go cheap on. The car seat and mattress were the two bought high end. Oh and there are different sizes. Make sure it has a tight fit in the crib. They also make infant/toddler mattresses. This is kind of cool. One side is made more for an infant and you flip it over for a toddler bed. Cool uh! Anyways, my suggestion is buy the best that you can afford. Don’t break the bank buying a mattress but don’t buy cheap and never a used mattress. It may be a wonderful mattress but if it is used then it also has skin cells in it and heaven forbid bugs.



    any tricks for helping baby get use to sleeping in crib….my 5 month old won’t sleep in hers…as soon as you lie her down…she’s wide awake…lol



    I got the fisher-price rainforest bassinet and LOVE it! The only thing I don’t tlike is that the mobile doesn’t move out of the way so you have to make sure you don’t bonk your baby’s noodle on the way in and out. It has great storage and it absolutely perfect for the theme we chose. 🙂



    i had prolbem with my fisher price pack n play. it would be such a pain to snap it in place.when my daughter was nine months old i was vaccuming and she was standing looking at me and the whole thing collapsed at the sides. I damn near died. Needless to say, they sent me another one after 3 months of arguing with them and now i am going to obtain a refund on it which is nice because with baby number two on the way i can get the organic hug me playard that i wanted. thank god my child didnt get hurt though i thought that was a freak thing that happend to me.



    We bought the SAFETY 1ST pack-n-play (it’s the winnie the pooh one) and it had a changer and bassinet.
    I like that it’s strudy,but it’s a pain to set up..The buttons stick and it doesn’t like to snap together.
    Other than that,if you’ll just put it up and leave it,it’s great.



    Just so everyone knows the fisher price rainforest bassinet and play yard has been recalled because of the sides not holding into place. My son has one and we have had that problem just putting it together. He has only slept in it a handful of times Thank god. but just so everyone knows go to the website and the recall info should be there



    Hello Everyone!! I am just wondering in all of your opinions.. what crib do I purchase?? What is the safest? What is the prettiest? What is the easiest to put together?
    I love the cherry color wood.
    Please let me know
    The kind and where you got it!
    Thank you very, very much!! :o)



    Hey guys my ma has a crib that is a travel one I havent seen it Im in pa and she is in Tx. Are those cribs at all safe.


    ***CRIB RECALL***
    NEWS CENTER) – A baby’s death has prompted a crib recall involving hundreds of thousands of units.

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission is recalling about 635,000 ‘Dorel Asia’ cribs. There are 20 models, including both drop side and fixed side cribs.

    The CPSC has more specific information on their website.

    The issue was recalled after a six month old baby in Iowa was trapped in a crib. The drop side hardware broke and strangled the child. That is the only death. There are, however, reports of injuries and parents are urged to find another sleeping place for their children until the crib is replaced or a repair kit is received.

    The cribs were sold at K-Mart, Sears, Wal-Mart and other stores. They cost between $120 and $700.


    ***********CRIB RECALL************* Stork Craft cribs are being recalled due to suffocation. Cribs manufactured and distributed between 1993 and 2009.. Heres the link for the story or you can go to



    i have the graco 4 in 1 cherry oak crib i love it so far. was wondering if any one had any problems with it.



    Crib safety tips I found –

    Over 9,000 children are brought to hospitals each year due to injuries suffered in cribs. An average of 54 children per year die from crib injuries.

    How to Keep Safe: Avoid used cribs with corner post extensions, ill-fitting mattresses, wide slats, or other features that can cause injury. If you are not sure if a used crib is safe, don’t use it!

    Features to Beware of:

    Corner posts should not be higher than the end panels on the crib. Children?s clothing can get caught on extended corner posts and pose a strangulation hazard.

    Space between slats must be less than 2 3/8? and no slats should be missing.

    All screws, bolts and hardware must be in place and tight to prevent the crib from collapsing.

    Mattress must fit snugly so that two adult fingers cannot fit between the mattress and the crib side.

    Do not use cribs with cutout designs in end panels. Child can strangle due to entrapment.

    More over here at articles > “Making safe sleep choices” section.



    Do not but the safety 1st 5 way seat. My son fell out of it last night. It has a terrible design and babies r us has the nerve to tell me they can’t return it. He fell using it as the booster seat.

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