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    misz-cashis-april09 one of the larger nursing pillows might help alot being larger breasted. I have also heard that the football hold tends to be alot easier to do and be able to check little ones latch. As for the sore nipples, some people get sore and some don’t even when there is a good latch. If you can see a LC to just check up and make sure all is good it might not be such a bad idea. If you have some lansanoh (sp?) ointment that will do wonders. It took me about 3 weeks for my nipples to stop hurting so bad. Also did you have an antibiotic during delivery? If so you will want to watch out for thrush. It is very painful but if caught fast it is easier to get rid of. Congrats on your new one and hang in there, it does get easier!



    I didnt think it would be chocolate either but that is all i saw, it was next to the ovaltine drink mix. i wish i found the regular, Where were you able to find it? Am i looking in the right isle? Its carnation brand in a tall plastic container. I wish i could just get my little guy to latch on im sure that would help my supply out alot!
    Thanks for all of your help



    Hi justinaW! Welcome! Always lovely to find someone new to share ideas with. Congrats on the little one. mgia, I agree with justinaW, it will get A LOT easier, as your baby grows and learns, and as your body adjusts your supply to Baby’s needs. In the meantime, pumping is an option, but to get your supply/demand synchronized, you need to demand feed as much as possible.



    hello Ladies! quick question.. my son is 6 weeks old and has been exclusively breastfed since day 1. the past few days his poop has turned from orangy/yellow seedy to greenish brown..but with the same consistancy. do you think this is normal. the only thing different i have been doing is giving him a vitamin D supplement because breastmilk doesnt have any Vitamin D in it which is a dark color. but i have only given it to him once so far just the other day when i noticed the discoloration and havent given to him since because i wanted to see if it went ack to normal.. what do you think?? please help.



    Most women dont need supplements to increase supply, however the pump is different from nursing. If you pump often (keep in mind you will need to pump more often than your LO eats in order to INCREASE supply), then you may see an increase on its own. If you are consistent with pumping, it wouldnt hurt your supply to irreparable amounts. You can always add the supplement later if needed. I nurse once a day and pump throughout the day. Good luck! The better pump makes a HUGE difference!



    Lovingmommy:’My LO is 5 months and i haven’t had a period either. lots of moms who breast feed dont have their period the entire time they are nursing however; you still CAN get pregnant while nursing. Unless you are wanting another baby I would be careful because it is possible. Good luck!!



    I am gonna try the oats fermentation today and
    Will give feedback. I am not producing enough
    Breastmilk for my 17days old twin boys and its
    Sytressing as I planned to bf since I found out
    I was expecting.



    here’s a link to an article regarding breastfeeding and how it could save lives around the world…and thank you bri for your post to kinta. very well put. it does not sound strange at all that the world supports bottle feeding…it does.



    We have a family bed and i know that the midnight feed is more of a midnight check in. She woke up like four times a night when she started daycare for a little nursing time. I think what is important to remember is that while suckling from the breast is obviously vital, what is also important is the intimacy. Babies need to be comforted, and some get it from ‘dummy’ nursing. Honestly, I love the quiet time with my babe in the dead of night. I know that in a blink of an eye she will be running around and no longer reaching for me in the middle of the night. I’m going to savor and enjoy every last nurse!!! Or dummy nurse!!



    lisseth- Other types of alcohol can have the opposite affect on your supply. A half a beer is enough usually to give you a boost (I always did a whole one though, and the darker the beer, the better)…unless your supply is REALLY low. 1byFaith is also correct that the malt will do the same…3 Tablespoons. Or Brewer’s Yeast tablets work well too.


    Ok Ladies’ I am having problems with my milk production. Logan needs 2 – 3 oz per feeding and I am only getting an oz to 1 1/12 oz per pump/feeding for him. He actually lost weight at home so our pediatrician said he has to be suplilmented until I get more milk coming in. I am trying to stay positive but nothing is working. I have tried Milkmaid Tea and fenelgreek suppliments. I have tried pumping in between feedings. I am at the point where I may very well take my in laws advice and drink a beer. (Really don’t want to have to do that) To make me feel worse I can get 3/4 to 1 oz from one breast and only 1/4 to 1/2 from the other. I feel like I am failing him. I hate that he has to be on formula. And I hate feeling like he doesn’t need me.



    momof3 – Does your LO use a real pacifier? My son uses a paci & it keeps him asleep. It helps so much – he never uses me as a paci.



    Hey ladies I have a question. I just got back from my LO’s 4 month appointment and the pedi was talking about starting her on solids. I know most people start anywhere between 4-6 months but I was hoping to go longer. My sister in law has five kids, the oldest being 12 and she didn’t start them on any solids until they turned 1. I told my pedi that I was hoping to do the same thing (a baby does not NEED solids until they are 1- they just like them) and she said that if you don’t start them on solids between 4-6 months there are studies linking children to diabetes later on. Has anybody heard this or had success delaying solids?



    i know and it only gets worse when they get older! my little guy HATES being covered up he gets all hot and grabs at the cover so it does me no good anymore. Im going to get some nursing beads for him to play with



    Hey ladies I know this topic. Was brought up before but i wasn’t paying attention -.- lol how soon should n or do periods normally come back?

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