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    Hey sorry to put my problems on here but im really strurggling with breast feeding with one breast, it is al cracked and very sore, I am now on antibiotics so hopefully that will clear it up. I try my hardest to make sure I follow all instructions on how to attatch my baby properly and he seems to be attatching correctly, I have tried nipple protectores, and proper stuff to apply to your nipples that the hospital gave to me but nothing seems to help it out its is so sore and breat feeding is becoming less enjoyable, Any advise, or things i can do to stop the pain? I really want to presist



    MyBabySuprise – That’s fine. Unpasteurized food while pregnant is considered not good but it’s fine for nursing mothers.



    Ok ladies I have a big problem – kinda sorta related to BF’ing. So, my LO is 7 months old. He has been EBF every single day – no formula. Every once in a while while I was away I would pump & he would drink from a bottle. Unfortunatley (very unfortunately) I have to stop BF’ing & pumping by April 10th. Medical reasons & I have no choice. So I started exclusivly pumping so my LO could get used to being fed completely by bottles. Once he got the hang of the bottles I started introducing (smelly, gross) formula. Granted, he hated it at first but I would mix it with BM too & we finally got pretty good at drinking the formula. I would still nurse on occasion & in the middle of the night because I LOVE nursing & it is breaking my heart to stop! 🙁 So anyways, I decided I better stop nursing in order for my milk to start decreasing. I was pumping little bits while I was engorged & giving it to LO by bottle. Well, my LO must have started really missing the occasional nursing session because he decided to start refusing the bottle COMPLETELY. Not even a sip. He would throw a HUGE tantrum & tire himself out & fall asleep. So I held my ground & didn’t nurse & I figured he would come around & take the bottle. I even tried whole bottles of freshly expressed BM but he would not drink it. I had other people try too & nothing. I have heard before that babies WILL eat, they won’t starve themselves. NOT my baby. He went 36 hours not drinking ANYTHING. I was trying my hardest not to give in & nurse & I would offer a bottle every hour or more. This morning he looked horrible. Weak & not even crying, his diaper wasn’t even wet. So I scooped him up & have been nursing my LO all day. I am so sad & frustrated & depressed. He doesn’t want to stop nursing & I don’t want to stop but sadly we must. But what do I do about him not taking a bottle. He won’t take one 🙁 He would rather dehydrate. How can a little baby be so hardheaded lol Any help? Suggestions? 🙁 I’m one sad & frustrated momma.



    2ndtimemommmy – I don’t think anyone is arguing? I think we are all having a discussion on why people think or do the things they do. I hope no one is getting offended or hurt by any of the conversations. I reread everything and nothing was against anyone really.



    Illy, I never wake babies. If they are growing ok then there is no reason to wake them. They’ll wake you when they are hungry! As for amber, I bought mine on Amazon for $21. I love it! The days that we miss putting it on he’s a total crankpot!



    Hi all! I just came across this forum, I usually post in the week I am in…..
    I am 9 weeks 5 days pregnant and still nursing my 15 month old son. I would like my son to self wean, but would also like to stop nursing at least 2 months before new baby comes so I can make sure I’ll have the colustrum again… Anyone else pregnant while still nursing?



    styx, have you asked him how he feels about going past a year? I thought my DH would only support to a year, but we had really never talked about it – in fact, I never consulted him on anything to do with feeding, just while I was pregnant I told him I needed a pump, and he just knew I would BF. I know now that he is a big supporter of BF, he is doing an English course, and had to write a research paper, and he chose to write it on the benefits of BF, not to the child, but to the mother. I was really surprised. Anyhow, I still thought he wouldn’t agree with nursing past a year, but decided one day to bring it up, and he says it’s totally up to me, and I can nurse as long as I want. I asked if he would be upset, and he said, No,why? You’re only doing what’s best for you and Braeden. So turns out my husband is much more open-minded than I thought! Oh, and one argument for you – the WHO recommends breastfeeding for the first TWO years of life, not one.



    ash- a lot of us here have had leaking problems in the beginning, so don’t worry it’s definitely not TMI! I used to spray my milk all over my couch when LO would unlatch by accident. It was ridiculous. Your milk supply will even out and it won’t happen. Now, around when I get my period my milk dips so low that i long for the days when that used to happen. And yeah, you should look into those ones that catch it. I wish i had, they seem like such a good idea!



    mere-and-girl- i had food poisoning when Delaney was 6 weeks old and i still nursed. i felt like crap and my supply dipped a little but the milk did not effect the baby in anyway. i would suggest nursing through it, it sucks and isnt much fun at all, trust me i know…TMI but there were a few times i had to sit on the toilet and nurse, not very hygienic i know but you have to do what you have to do. i hope you feel better soon!



    lauraoct – Those are nice benefits but the taxes are insane over there. It’s like 60% when the US pays around 30%, depending on your tax bracket. The UK has great leave but think of those that don’t have children. They’re paying for these great benefits without being able to use them. I know if we were taxed as much as the UK is taxed then we wouldn’t be able to live where we do which would off set the benefit of Dad being able to stay home for several months rather then a couple.



    Emilee, Alex has too. It’s awful when trying to watch Chris at the same time. This stage will pass too and he’ll get back to business.



    I haven’t seen midnight in a long time. I do good to see ten. before Isaac I would sleep 9 or 10 hours nearly every night . I rarely get more than 7 these days. He still wakes twice most nights…on bad nights its three or four times.


    styx~ g-diapers leaked for us, butagain, dependson your babies body type. They are also sized, so you would have to buy smalls and mediums at least… I prefer one size diapers since, well, the are adjustable formsmall, med and large sizes so you only have to buy them once. babiesrus also carries bum genius and flip diapers which I far prefer over g-diapers. they are one size diapers, i have not had leaking problems at all, flip is cheaper inthe long run since the cover can be wiped out and a new insert put in instead of using a whole different diaper. You can also just buy covers at and use prefold intead ofthe inserts and it iseven cheaper.



    jenn.and.pumpkin , I have been able to find really cute, cheap tops at I only shop their clearance section and although it is limited you can still find some things. I got a nursing sweater for $5. Others swear by Target, although I have never been able to find anything there at all. And I am not talking selection, my targets don’t carry anything, not even the nursing tanks everyone talks about.



    I am really sad to hear about Lawsonsmom please send her my regards! I also attempted a VBAC at 39 weeksmy babies are 20 months apart my lmp was the day of my dds first bday…I was doing amazing baby was doing amazing he broke my water when I was a 8 and the placenta erupted wasnt from the vbac but needless to say they lost his heart beat I lost a ton of blood during my emergency section they had to knock me out and the hub missed the birth of his son 🙁 So IF big IF lol I have another is has to be a section

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