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    Leslie, I’m so glad you came back. Anyways, Lawson is still getting breastmilk and that’s all that matters really. I was thinking if there was a way for you co-sleep then maybe you could do it while she was still half asleep but I know it’s hard for you. Pumping is really hard but you can do it. It’s only 6 more months anyways.



    Bri thats funny I did the mileage and its about 52 miles from my front door one way! But thats ok I really wanted to stop at the mall and let the kids play but after a baby shower playin with her cousin she was passed out lol….anyone know how long the spurts usually last? He has been attatched all day too not complaining lol just curious


    Felt terrible this morning was brushing James’s teeth and getting him washed. Ollie was crying but I couldn’t leave James in the bathroom unattended. So had to leave Ollie to cry whilst we finished. Hate hearing either of them cry, I was nearly crying myself.



    When I worked I had my own office so I just put a note on the door and closed the blinds. I did have one guy open my door but he ended up more embarrassed then I was. I did do a head dive up my desk! HAHA!



    I’m sorry Jessica that he’s not more supportive. I thank my lucky stars that mine is. I do cherish nap time though. That’s when I get a nice long shower in, do a bit of cleaning, reading, Internet or whatever done. I usually have at least 2 hours in the afternoon all to myself. Then the boys go to bed at 8pm. Maybe shower time should be during naptime, if you can get away. I wish your husband was more supportive and learned how to deal with the baby. Having both parents involved is best for the baby. Having a happy mom is also best for baby. You need a break every now and then.



    Bri and anyone else with more than one lo – Did you ever put your youngest on a feeding schedule to coincide with the elder? My lo is almost 3 months and my ds is almost 3. Up until now I’ve been demand feeding my lo who has put herself on a kind of three hour schedule somedays things run like clockwork they both, eat, sleep, play at corresponding times – other days it’s all upside down and getting out the house, etc is such an ordeal!



    Mama- how often does she nurse still? Maybe it hurting is your bodies way of saying it’s time to wean…:)



    ladybeans, your breasts are regulating at this point. As long as baby is getting 6-8 wet/dirty diapers a day, you are fine!



    doublemama- Glad you have some answers, anyway. How invasive would the clipping surgery be? Is it his lip or his tongue? I know several ladies have had to have their little one’s tounge clipped (tongue tied) and it was an easy, relatively painless procedure. It might make a world of difference! But I understand not wanting to put your little one through anything unnecessary! Hope all of his other stuff goes well! Props to you for sticking it through even with the challenges. Good luck!



    i need ur help ladies .. since eczma forum is dead so this is the right place to post my question : joe is 3.5 month n has a very bad eczma , like he has burns in his face n on his hands n legs alot of rash groups .. his dr told me to use sebamed shampoo( it s a medical product) n gave me cortisone cream plus vitamine e cream .. im not using the cortisone cream unless he really so uncomfortable ..i need any natural thing to use .. if u have any idea pls let me know … thanx in advance


    I didn’t see how to include my IAP name w/ my request to join the group on fb… I’m Natalie Sells – if anyone wants to add me on fb too that’s great.



    laura- wow! he is going to be doing things early!


    Dam forgot the lemoncurd to go with my oats.


    I love enegry everything! Shots,pills smoothies.. lol you name it I want it! lol I don’t do any of those but that was my thing. I now only drink sugar free red bulls and drink a cup of coffee a day. I use to be a gym rat andthey have some powerful enegry stuff… man I miss it. lol I just miss having my normal enegry.


    UGh 6 am boys are sleeping and i’
    ve been up since 3 thanks to DH who go up to go fishing for the day. I swear he just doesn’t remember or care that there are 3 people sleeping when he’s up early. I first get woke by his alarm that he doesn’t wake to. Then as he’s getting ready to our bedroom he walks into the door. Which are french doors so it was super loud waking me and the baby. Now I can’t sleep. I knwo I’ll get tired once the boys wake. Thank goodness my mom is coming down today or I’d be one grumpy momma all day!

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