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    YAY for me today!!! Kiley is almost 13 months old and we are weaning right now and today is the first day that I skipped her morning boob session!!!!



    jenniewren, yes it could be a growth spurt, there is usually another one around 3 months.

    familyforever, that is a long time for your baby to go without nursing. I’d suggest leaving a sippy cup with any milk you can get for him. He may not know what to do with it, but if necessary, your mom can spoonfeed him the milk. He may not get as much as he gets from you, but at least it’s something, and he should be good and ready to nurse when you get home. Since your pump broke, I would suggest hand expressing as much as possible, over the next couple of days, so that he ends up with at least a couple of ounces at your mom’s house.



    Question- my milk is definitely in and my baby has latched and all is going very well. I know he isn’t eating enough to empty each breast at each feeding, should I be pumping the reaminder out? I’m not in any discomfort and I don’t plan on introducing the bottle anytime soon. I just don’t want to develop an infection or something, anyone know?



    WOW amorgan!!!! sheesh how much you can get!!! i get like 1oz or 20 mls. is that even 1oz?? i can’t believe getting as much as you is even possible! lol. i hope the fenugreek works it’s wonders tonight for me….



    You can do that jab breast milk tastes good to them no matter what, well unless you eat lots of spicy food or mustard. I have a manuel Modela and it was worth every penny. Just make sure you have the right size fitting in the flang(suction) part b/c that makes all the difference in the world. I am a smaller person and had to buy seperate inserts to help properly pump. Good Luck.



    i rented a hospital grade pump and i am still lucky to get an ounce or ounce and a half 🙁



    My son is 12 months old and an addicted booby monster! He has 3 meals a day and a couple of snacks but still continues with the BF all the time,he gets hysterical if he cant have it. I would like to stop the day feeds and would appreciate any advice any one has. He feeds mostly for comfort i think as he is a adorable snuggly bub, I dont want to distress him or go cold turkey just slowly start the process.



    gr8scottswife – Ava only feeds off one side usually. In the evenings occasionally she’ll fuss lots after a bit, so I’ll burp her and switch her to the other side and she does well. You’ll know when to switch, but the key is to make sure the breast is emptied before you do, to avoid clogged ducts. If she fusses or pulls off lots or otherwise ‘changes’ during a feed, you know she’s getting frustrated with nothing coming.



    gladek- Well, at least you were able to get your supply back up! The leaking is annoying, i’m sure, but a good sign. =)


    Hi ladies! I’m just popping in! I have an 11 month old baby boy who will be 1 January 19 and I am also 8 weeks preggo with number 2! 🙂 I breastfed my little boy for 10 and 1/2 months!!! I hoped to make it to 12 months but it just didn’t work! I just want to encourage those having problems to KEEP AT IT!!! It will be SO worth it! It took my little on 13 weeks to learn! After agonizing pain and lots of syringe feeding (didn’t want my LO to get nipple confusion on bottles since he had a hard time learning to BF) and many trips to the lactation consultant, he just finally got the hang of it! Bliss ever since! 🙂 You CAN do it and don’t let anyone, ANYONE discourage you! 🙂 if anyone needs some encouragement, feel free to message me!



    mommyxs3, don’t stop night feedings unless you and Baby want to!! At the very least, get a second opinion! I’m pretty sure your doctor’s advice is way off-base.



    thank you!! ♥



    Thanks for the info Peach! It is very confusing since I have not been regular in a year and a half, LOL Good luck on the TTC!



    yea, im pregnant and still bf my 7 month old son and was told its totally ok. i can even bf the two kids if i want to! i think a miscarrage is rare bc of bf. but im sure if you keep your fruit and veg intake up it will be fine. personally i dont think i will bf far into my pregnancy bc i was huge on Nathan and wont be able to cope trying to get his head to my breast!!!!!



    A question for the ladies that have their period and still nursing.. How do you keep you supply up? Its like a week or so before my period my supply drops and I start to freak out because I think I’m going to run out of milk and have to start formula. Then all of sudden there is my period. I’m really not regular ever since I gave birth so it just comes out of no where. The morning I get my period and for the whole time I have it my supply is even worse then the week before… It seems to be getting worse and worse as the months go along. When I first got my period my son was 8 wks old and it didn’t really effect my milk now he’s 22 wks and it seems to destroy my supply =-(

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