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    Noahs- d will be 4 months Sunday and I haven’t burped him at night since about 8 weeks it so and he does great



    Aaaaahh my breasts are so full. They fill up like mad overnight and are really hard and painful becaus ethe baby goes a bit longer between feeds. Then throughout the day they get flatter and flatter until at tea time they seem empty and baby is constantly on them sucking like crazy, then they fill up again overnight. They are constantly sore from either being too full or from being suckled non stop. Does this even itself out over time? I have only been feeding for 2 weeks



    Casen – my son had the same thing around two weeks old. Doc said not to use breast milk just to clean it with warm water and massage tear duct. It was gone within a week or two.



    hey ladies could you please go to the blogs I could use some support formula feeders are running me through for posting honest to God facts.



    babycarter- you dont need to pump it unless its causing pain!! if you pump, it tells your body that the baby needs ALL THAT MILK! soo.. it will keep making that much milk. IF you leave the milk there, your body will get the clue, that your baby does NOT need ALL that mlik, and your supply will adjust to your baby’s needs. I am 8 weeks postpartum, and my breasts never feel full (accept early morning after baby has self six hours) and my baby is gaining weight quicker than he should lol.. so i know im doing something right! and if i pump i get about three ounces a breast.. so if you dont plan on using a bottle soon, just leave your boobies alone! let them rest when baby doesnt need them!! thats my advice!! 😀



    luv2bemomma – interesting concept, might look into it!



    Hi Ladies, My LO is 19months and Im still breastfeeding- just want to encourage anyone out there who is looking for support. Its such a great bonding time for me and the LO and I dont care about peoples opinions, Im planning to keep breastfeeding until my LO self weans. Good luck to all the Mummies!



    i am confused about figuring out what size shield to use. when i was in the hospital, they gave me new shields that were one size up from standard. i am bigger busted, but not enormous (i don’t know what size exactly, but i overflow out of a 34DD). i have average sized areolas and nipples (i think). sorry if TMI btw. the thing is that when i start pumping, it fits fine. but as i continue pumping, the suction enlarges my nipples. basically, my entire areola get sucked into the shield and looks like a giant nipple. it fills the width of the shield and rubs against the sides. is this normal? i feel like since it does this, it really doesn’t matter what size shield i use because it’s going to fill the tube due to the suction. any thoughts? oh, and to help with the friction, i usually use a little lanolin before pumping so that 2 dry surfaces aren’t rubbing against each other. also, when i’m done pumping, the tip of my nipples usually look purple-ish. if i press on them gently, it goes back to normal. i think it’s blood getting sucked to the surface? is that abnormal too?



    buttons i have been struggling with the same thing with my 13 month old. I have been slowly cutting one feeding at a time. It has really helped us that he is now refusing a bottle and any breast milk that isn’t directly from me. So we have now cut out any feedings from 8am to 4pm. But i still feed first thing in the AM, at 4:30 when i get to daycare (she is a friend and i breast feed there) and then again before bed at 7pm. it is a bit tougher on the weekends b/c he still wnats me on demand all day when i am around him. So i am just standing firm and giving him a sippy cup of water or milk instead of giving in. I know this is best for both of us now but it is still hard. I am not sure if it is my emotional attachement to it, hormones or that my baby is growing up, it all just makes me sad! Good Luck to you!



    QUESTION!! My baby is almost 7 weeks and is breastfed. She has begun having stinkier BM’s and stringy mucous in them, they are still yellow and I dont notice any this normal?? I thought b/f babies BM’s weren’t stinky. Please message me on my page so I don’t miss your reply! THANKS GUYS!!!



    Thank you Bri!



    baby2onboard – I got pregnant on the pill too. It was shocker but now I can’t see it any other way. As far as I know, there is no reason to wean. I think it would be sad to wean now. It’s not fair to your current baby to deprive him/her of the nutrition just because you are pregnant again. I’m sure it is rough but I know you can do it. Several moms are able to tandem feed or you can wean when your baby turns one, before the next one is born?



    My husband hasnt gone near my boobs since he read up on colostrum when I was 4 months pregnant. Oh well they are all Wyatt’s now. Rebneter – The only bottle my son would take to in the first week was the Medela bottle that came with the pump. He never liked any of those ‘booby’ nipples. There are two things you can try – (1) Try to make sure someone else is giving her the bottle because she probably is/should be associating you with nursing otherwise you may run into problems later (2) If you are giving her a bottle, maybe try with your shirt off so she is still getting the skin to skin contact. It may not be the type of bottle but that she prefers the closeness to you? I was so paranoid about ‘nipple confusion’ at the beginning, but ultimately Wyatt ended up taking anything I gave him, he just wanted the closeness.



    i keep a bra on 24/7 too.. I dont know about it helping sagginess but I feel too heavy without one on so it’s more for comfort for me.



    Hi mommas 🙂 Anyone have advice on traveling on a plane with a little one? I have to exclusively pump unfortunately and I’m getting really nervous on how to deal with that on the plane. I know I can take some milk on the plane with me but I’m not quite sure how to deal with pumping yet 🙁 I’m starting to really stress about it because my supply is already on the decline and going 9 or so hours without pumping could destroy my supply not to mention I’ll need to pump for her next meals because I dont think I can take too much on the plane with me. I think all in all its a 5 or 6 hour flight with super short layovers…I’m thinking I may just have to run to the bathrooms at the airports and manually pump as quickly as possible, yuck…I may even just have to dump that milk but just do it to keep my supply up. Any advice on traveling with a little one (8 months old) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ladies.

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