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    kla2200 – shingles did cross my mind when I read your post before. However I thought that might be an over-reaction to suggest it! Babybehappy – congrats on your pregnancy! I have a friend who bf through her second pregnancy but I don’t know if I could do it – one or the other can take such a toll on your energy levels. You’ve done really well.



    mamacas26 – My first one happened when Kekoa was 9months. It only lasted a day. All the following ones last about 3days. Nothing extreme like I thought.



    Deeyore- I’m not sure what reverse cycle is. She just screams and screams when a bottle is given to her!


    My lo loves to nurse and refuses the bottle but my milk has almost completely stopped coming in. I don’t know what to do. I’m worried my baby is not getting enough. any ideas to bring in my milk would be greatly helpful. Thanks 🙂



    Springtime- I understand! My LO also has a milk protein allergy, and he is 4.5 months. I freaked out the first time I saw the blood in his diaper, but now that I’ve cut out dairy, he’s a much happier baby, and no blood. My doctor said to wait a couple months and try and work some dairy back into my diet to see if he is over it yet, as it normally is just temporary. For now, I just dream of cheese 🙂



    Kym – That’s normal for that age. They’re world and eye sight are expanding so they want to know and see more. Once they start to buckle down and focus it does get better. I still have to kick hubby out of the room at night before bed though. As for teeth. I didn’t have any problems until the top two came in. Once there were four teeth the biting began.



    brie-I wish I had advice for you, but I know several people that frequent here have had that problem in the past, so hopefully you can get some advice soon!


    ok, i found a lump deep in my armpit. i had a hot shower and gently massaged it, then i had a bath, and brought my son in with me. whenever he sees boob he wants to eat lol. but not this time! so i expressed it instead. it only hurts more! i can barely use my left arm. im right handed, but realized today i do a lot of things with my left. i can barely pick my son up. my husband wont be home from work for almost 8 hours. its gonna be a long day!



    a-mum2b, a lady I know is still using a nipple shield at 7 MONTHS, and EBF successfully, so it’s fine if that works for you. Would be nice if you could teach Baby to latch without it, but all in good time. Don’t fret.



    I agree with judi- if baby was hungry, he’d let you know. As long as you have a satisfied baby and plenty of wet diapers, I wouldn’t worry. BTW, a ‘wet’ diaper is considered 3 Tablespoons. If you wonder what that feels like, try it out and see. That might help ease your mind as well.



    PLEASE HELP!!! I had my baby on 7-18 via c sec and we are breast feeding but she is not getting any milk from me, she latches and goes for it but after a couple mins she gives up and screams bc she’s so hungry, i dont want to starve her but i definatley want to breast feed, any suggestions? may be i just cant produce??



    I waited until a week before my son turned 6 months old. I wanted to hold out that extra week..but he was very ready.



    I wanted to share something I read from a pamplet my doc gave me about breastfeeding. It actually says for breast feeding moms to NOT worry about house work! it really does I swear. LOL like we can just sit here and BF and not look around making a list in our heads of what needs to be done when we are DONE feeding our babies.. just thought that was kinda funny.. don’t worry about the house work.. OK…. haha


    Mileysmom08, each baby nrses differently. Some babies like to lag at the breast and takee really long feedings like my current nurser. and other babies get right down to business and complete a feeding in 5 min. As long as she is gaining weight and has plenty of wet diapers each day, she is getting enough. It is harder to tell with bfing, how mch they are getting vs a bottle when you can actually see how much, but that is when just listening to your baby and watching her comes in to play. If you are really concerned, I would talk to a lactation consultant or her dr.



    Thanks ladies! I appreciate the support. I will try everything and keep u updated on our progress! BTW My LO will be 3 weeks tomorrow,

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