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    QUESTION: for all nursing moms- Do your babes sleep through the night without nursing. My first did and second did not and I wonder if it will effect my milk supply if he does… and at what age did they sleep through the night? thanks- please resond on my page if possible.



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    Wyatt is officially 9 months old! Still breastfeeding although my supply is definitely dropping. We only have one nursing session per day (mornings) because our schedules are so hectic and the times we are finally home its time for a solids dinner. So my day is pump pump pump pump! Took 9 months, but I am almost out of my freezer supply that I have been rotating since he was a week old. I always had about a month’s worth in there at any given time, but we are about down to 2 weeks. I cant freeze as often as he eats. I did the math and he eats about 15-16oz breastmilk a day and I pump about 11-12oz on a good day. Then the week before my period my supply always drops to about 8-10oz with the same pumping schedule so that sets me back. I finally decided to start taking Fenugreek in an attempt to keep up supply for at least another couple of months so my fingers are crossed!!



    Thank you for your suggestions, Horseygal i have been using lansinoh but unfortunately has not helped, it worked for me when we fisrt started out feeding, i swear by the stuff, but this time it is doing nothing. As to taking a swig i think i might have to join you in that as i cant put up with the pain anymore! It is worse than child birth. *tears rolling down my cheek*



    Congrats on your new one, 1ByFaith!



    Our son is 3 weeks old today and we have introduced him to the bottle and pacifier. He does not have any issues. We give him a bottle of bm every now and then and he has done fine. I have never bottle fed him but I do know that he will not take a pacifier from me but will from anyone else. I guess all babies are different. Some babies might prefer the bottle because they say they don’t have to work as hard to get the milk. I have a pretty quick letdown when bf so I don’t think it is alot of work for my lo so maybe that is why he has not had issues..



    SydneeMay2009 – Go on her time schedule. My doctor was strict on no solids for six months but she did say when we started to go slow. Kekoa only took a few ounces at a time as well. Some babies just aren’t eager to eat. Don’t worry. Just let her lead the way…Oh and I was dairy free until Kekoa was 10months. He’s now fine with cow’s milk and cheese but he didn’t get it for a very long time.horseygal – I totally agree. That’s why I said six months is not a magic number. Some are ready before six and some after. Just like at 1. Some babies are ready for cow’s milk at 1, some a little before and some after. Each milestone is going to happen at a different age for each child.



    Dulciana-I mix milk all the time. Sadie has been fine. If I have a container of two or so ounces in the fridge, and pump another to make a five ounce bottle, I put them together in the bag and toss it in the freezer. I’m not worried about bacteria growth because it freezes rather quickly. I’ve done this right along. My pediatrician said its fine.



    1Byfaith-I have never been a great pumper, so I kept up my night pump for nine months to make sure I have enough ( I just dropped it last month, as I’ve been pumping more now during the work day). I would have good days and bad days, even some bad weeks where I never got more than a couple oz. Usually happened when I got extra tired! A small beer prior to bed always helped me those weeks 🙂



    I have been breastfeeding my LO since birth and she is 7 months old now. We introduced solids around 5months and she is doing very well with that. I still nurse 4-5 times a day but my period return shortly after we started solids. Here’s my question, for those of you still BF and you HAVE gotten your period back, has it been irregular? I had 2 ‘normal’ cycles and then this month so far, nothing!??! I was so freaked out that i made my hubby go and buy a pregnancy test, it came back negative. Is it normal to have irregular periods while still breastfeeding?



    2babys-under2 – My lo is almost 5 months and I am still nursing after a couple of excruciatingly painful blisters, bloody cracked nipples, and clogged ducts. My eyes would tear up when I would nurse with my left as it felt like it was being stabbed with a little razor blade while a vacuum hose was at work (ha sorry for the gory detail!) but I swear it doesn’t hurt anymore! Just know that you can do it, it will get better, and your lo is and will be benefitting so much from your precious milk. Again, it will feel better, I promise you. Good luck!



    Baby2luv – Babies don’t need solids until ONE year… 2 years would be crazy. Solids during the first year are JUST for fun and practice. The whole ‘iron stores depleting’ isn’t actually true, as long as YOUR diet is high in iron, your baby will get enough iron through breastmilk. I didn’t start solids with my son until 7-8 months and that was table food via BLW. When I was a baby, I didn’t start solids until a year. Chances are, if you give more solids, your period has a higher likelihood of coming back. Doesn’t mean it will, just that it could.



    Herecomesbaby2- Thank You that is comforting. I will try not to worry so much.



    I posted a poll, but maybe you girls can help too. My question is about the mini pill. I’m experiencing very irregular AF (2-6 weeks between) and wondering if that’s normal. It’s very worrisome, especially knowing that if I AM pregnant, I shouldn’t be taking it anymore. Has anyone else experienced this?



    I was wondering if anyone has had any issues with cracked nipples. I have had cracked nipples since 3 days after the birth of dd who is now 4 weeks old. I have been to lactation consultants and my OB. Latch on is good and she was taking in enough milk and the OB gave me nystatin ointment to keep from getting a yeast infection in the nipple. I pumped exclusively until it seemed completely healed and then tried feeding again. After the 3 rd feeding, the crack was starting again and now still have soreness and stinging between pumping. Not sure what to do at this point. I have been through 3 tubes of Lanolin ointment and unfortunately, I think my milk supply is decreasing because I am not able to pump every 2 hours being busy with the baby and my 2 1/2 year-old and insurance just informed me that they don’t cover hospital pump rentals :(. Any other suggestions would be helpful. Really would love to breast feed this baby since my first had a high palate and was never really able to latch, but getting so exhausted from having to pump and feed and take care of the kids.

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