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    OMG i hated nursing in the beginning!!! for me it was about 6 weeks and then once i went back to work and she was getting bottles during the day at daycare she seemed to start going a little longer between feedings and since then i have LOVED breastfeeding. she eats now every 2-4 hours but only for like 5-10 minutes at a time now instead of an hour. now looking back it was only 6 weeks, no big deal. but i remember one day i was counting and she ate like 19 times in one day. she was hooked to the boob 24-7. i got so tired of hearing….it will get easier….it didn’t seem like there was an end in sight…..and then bam….one day it really did get easier!! now i couldn’t imagine my life without breastfeeding. she loves it so much and so do i!!!! i will be so sad the day i have to stop.



    Lawson’s Mom, that happened to me too, still does sometimes if i go longer than 30 minutes on the pump. I wore thick padded bras so nothing would rub against my super sensitive nipples, even to sleep, but the only thing that made them go back to normal was sleeping braless. I woke up in the morning with nice soft nipples!



    So…I drink coffee every day…usually two to three cups. I feel bad about doing it and I know that my little Riley doesn’t need it (and could be why she is fussy), but working the hours that I work…I feel like it is the only thing that keeps me going. At least I still pump all day long 🙂 I try to come up with excuses for my naughty behavior, but I am still tired even with my coffee, just not as bad.



    Also I am feeling really cold all the time and that hurts my boobs too. I am walking round with a hot water bottle attached to my chest!



    chellebob – I just wanted to say that I agree early on in breastfeeding it isn’t a good idea to take a break when nursing. But I did when my daughter was older (almost a year) and had no problem bringing my supply back up. What happened was that my daughter bit my breast and made it bleed and scab. I used lanolin, and treated it gently for 3 days until I felt comfortable again before letting her feed on it. During those three days she fed only from my right breast. My left did get engorged, and was painful, but once I did let her feed on it I stuck to feeding mainly on that side and my supply was back again in only about a day. I know this may not be typical, but sometimes you just have to give yourself a chance to heal.



    Wooow! I would not leave your baby without milk for 6 hours! Think of your poor mom lol If he eats every three hours he’s ganna wanna eat every three hours. My baby is the same exact way and it took us weeks to introduce a bottle. She still wont take a binky. good luck.


    Participant has great information on nursing



    hey shiz, yeh could you let me know please about the fermented oats? that would be good. shame fenugreek didn’t work for you! it did dwindle in the end for me last time, i hope that doesn’t mean it might not work this time… i’ve started taking it tonight. i’ve noticed an increase in my supply today, i’ve been able to partially b/f today as well as express a teeny amount. bubs loves to bf and appears to prefer my milk over formula. what a champ 🙂 drinking about 3litres per day atm, carry over from diabetes in pregnancy, can’t help myself… but still dehydrated argh 🙁 can’t drink enough… it’s better than when i was preggers, but still a pain.




    babybellybliss–have you tried some of the recommendations to increase milk supply? the herb fenugreek is supposed to increase supply… up to 500%. it’s comes in the forms of seeds, teas, leafy greens, and pill form. it’s most potent in pill form. i myself haven’t been able to find it in a store yet, but i only checked walgreen’s and a local food supermarket. i highly recommend this, as well as drinking TONS of water. some of the ladies in the one month forum swear by old fashioned oats too. apparently they mix it with water and let it sit out for 7 hours, then warm it up and eat it. sounds wierd, but i’m thinking about trying it. i don’t have a supply issue by i want to mass produce so that i may freeze it and be done pumping early. good luck, and let me know if something works for you!



    buttons, I feel for you. I haven’t started weaning yet but my son is the same way. If he wants to feed then all hell breaks loose. He is 13months. I plan on beginning to wean at 18months but I’m not thrilled about it…I’m actually scared. I know it’s going to be rough on both of us. We are still feeding at night too!



    Emerson cut her first tooth today. Im so excited!
    Im also hoping she doesnt bite me once it is all the way up! She hasnt chewed on me yet and everything else she puts in her mouth and gnaws on so fingers crossed.
    A little toothy peg… how cute.



    Catherine from BC: I found this for you online. The blood is caused by slight internal bleeding due to increased blood flow and development of the breast tissue in late pregnancy and is most common in first time mothers. It is more common in both breasts though it can happen in one breast. It is usually painless. This form of blood in the breast milk has been nicknamed, rusty-pipe syndrome, due to the rusty color of the milk.



    i guess i should’ve included more details, i totally feel the same way about depriving my baby, but he’s 18 months already and EVERYONE is telling me to wean, originally i planned to at 1 but he had some health problems for a few months, and just didn’t eat. He’s still not a great eater but i know now he won’t starve, i’m not a very robust person anyways, and everyone keeps telling me i need to quit or i’m going to have problems later



    Judi – glad to see I’m not the only one who’s LO has some dog hair on her tongue =)

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