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    marchmomma84 – Don’t feel guilty about not drinking enough water. I drink tons of water, always have, and other than my first two pumps of the day (I don’t pump at night) I always get 3-5 ounces.



    After 3 months of nusing I dont let down randomly anymore but the other day I about jumped out of my car to beat this one womans ass while sitting in traffic and my milk letdown! lol. It totally made me forget about being mad and made me laugh. So I guess I have to be careful about getting adrenaline rushes!



    Suggestion for woman that pump at work and stress over not gettting enough…I used to do the same thing, now all I do when I pump is read one of those girly gossip magazines, it is my break from the world, I don’t think about work or anything and it has helped out I think. I think I might be one of those woman that has an oversupply but when I first started back to work I was so stressed that I dropped to only getting 6 oz pumping 3 times in 8 hrs, and now I just sit back and relax(ok not sit back lol but ya know) and I’m back up to getting close to 15 oz in 8 hrs, and Ethan’s generally takes 3 4 oz bottles at daycare, sometimes 4 depending on how longs he’s there and how he feeds at night…



    LJess2134 – Like I said before, I got mine when Kekoa was 9months old. He was already drinking water and such out of a sippy by then. So, during my period I would nurse more often and use the sippy more. I would also eat lots and lots of oatmeal and within days it would be back up. So, once a month I would have struggle but unlike you I didn’t have to worry because Kekoa would eat anything not just milk. Good luck. Maybe during that time you will just have to hang around the house and nurse ten times more.



    I love my medela pump n sytle, it is very quick and efficient and the carrying case is nice and discreet especially going to work around my clients.



    how long are yon breast feeding? ad how long hou mommys planning ave you been at it ?



    Malachis mom- I would try not to worry about what the other people think coming into the bathroom, but I know its hard! I prefer to pump in a large changing stall in my bathroom at work (I don’t like pumping in my office) and at first I worried, too. So I made a funny little cartoon sign of a milkmaid that said ‘Excuse the funny sounds, Pummping in progress, and put a picture of my LO in the corner, laminated it, and hung that on the stall door whenever I was in there. People got a laugh, and I got less stressed. You may want to try it!



    For those of you who were pregnant and nursing (hopefully there are a couple out there!), did your milk supply go down? I think mine is going down and I am so worried. I have another month and Isabella will be 12 months and I can start weaning her but I am so worried about my milk! I don’t want to start formula for a month and then do milk again. Any suggestions!!!???



    hw l;og does it take 4 ur milk to stop producin aftr u stp feedin?



    my appetite doesn’t seem too out of control. I am thirstier then heck though. Are you taking b/c pills or anything? Maybe a hormonal thing? I heard that low carbs causes ketosis or something like that, and it’s bad for baby?



    I wanted to share this because I didn’t know it was even possible! My bf’s baby girl would not latch effectively. She alternated between pumping/bottle and attempting to nurse (about 1x/day) with a nipple shield. Then, at about 2-3 months, she transitioned from the nipple shield to ‘straight’ breastfeeding (with no shield). Apparently, her daughter just needed to get a stronger latch (?). I think that it absolutely amazing that there is that option for babies who don’t latch well immediately!



    nikkiandfred- i work in retail and i’m having sort of a hard time with coworkers being judgemental about my pumping there. i’m a manager and it’s difficult for me to even get a break during the day, and they don’t understand that i NEED the time to go. I even go out to my car and pump there, because there is nowhere for me to pump in the building!



    mommaro-Yes, it can take a few days for your milk to come in. I know it is hard, but it is nature. If you supplement, Try to supplement as little as possible, as it is the sucking on your breast that will help your milk come. Even a full baby will cry. Remember that their stomach right now is the size of a marble! So put him to the breast as often as possible, and it will come in soon!! Congrats on your little one.


    HI Guys, im only 13 weeks pregnant but am trying to read up on all this type a stuff!
    I want to bf but also want my hubby to be able to feed the bubs. Can i express milk into a bottle for him to feed bubs alternating with me for the next feed etc (mostly in the night feeds really)??? I understand this cud confuse the bubs or make it prefer one to the other but do u recon i cud have any other probs other than this and can i start as soon as the bub is born??



    kinta – I dont think that mothers who opt to use formula should be made to feel bad about the choice they have made for whatever reason, however, the purpose of this forum is to offer support and advice to mothers who opt to breastfeed. It is a very large physical and emotional drain to breastfeed and mothers should be given encouragement in any way shape or form to keep it up in the interest of the child. If by reading on this forum you are made to feel bad about offering formula, that is not the intention. Anything said in regards to formula here is not to make non-breastfeeding mothers feel bad, but to advise breastfeeding mothers that by offering formula, mik supply may drop and would actually be counteractive to increasing milk supply. Please dont take offense.

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