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    My LO is almost 4 weeks old. He was born through a last minute C section and hence I could nurse him right away. Initially, he had trouble latching. Since he had jaundice nurses at the hospital wanted him to eat something to flush out bilirubin. So they started off with formula and I started pumping as well. Once my supply kicked in, we started giving him expressed breast milk. He got so used to the bottle that he refuses to eat from my breast. For the past couple of days we forcibly feed him directly using a nipple shield but he fusses a lot and unlatches frequently . Eventually, I want him to feed directly without a nipple shield. Has anybody had similar experiences in the past? How long will it take to wean from nipple shield? Please help!



    Hi, Im 34 weeks pregnant. I have two boys, 2 yrs and 4 yrs. With my oldest son, i was unable to breastfeed due to chronic pain, and my youngest son i couldnt breastfeed due to him being in hospital unconscious for 3 months. I have chosen not to breastfeed this baby just because of previous problems. Is this bad?




    Hi I have a question about breastfeeding and I dont know if its true. I was breastfeeding in the beginning and I ended up stopping at 3 weeks. I feel so bad about it and its been around 6 weeks since I have stopped but I really want to start again. Someone told me that its not too late is this true? I really want to start again but I dont know if I can or what to do if I still can. Please help!



    Bri: I agree I am so proud to say that I have breast fed it was the best decision that I have made and I am so happy that I stuck with it!! Ladies don’t give up!



    number2luv – haha, your husband sounds like mine! lol As for the comments about you breastfeeding until your baby weans – I always found that fighting ignorance with facts works best. If someones tells me it’s weird I say – ‘Oh, well, the average weaning age for the WORLD is about 5 or 6, so we still have a ways to go.’ If someone says he needs to be on ‘regular milk’ I say ‘Oh, you mean bovine breastmilk? You know? Milk made for BABY COWS? How could that be healthier for him than HUMAN milk?’ Or – my FAVORITE one ‘You just don’t want him to grow up’ (he’s 14 months, BTW) and to THAT I say ‘Really? I don’t know about you but, have you ever tried to FORCE a child to nurse? It’s impossible. But, thanks for your unneeded concern.’ People always need to tell you what you’re doing wrong and BFing is just another thing for them to complain about. (p.s. Can you tell I’m around a lot of people who don’t support our decision to let him wean himself? lol)



    piesmum-at five months, I started having problems getting my son to ‘focus’ enough to breastfeed…he was just starting to notice EVERYTHING and life was to exciting totake a break! I just tried to minimize distractions. Wait till a few more months..when breastfeeding becomes and olympic sport…. 🙂



    babymama77- i breast fed and found a pump very handy even if u r at home most times, comes in handy if u do need a break and just incase u do go out n need to bottle feed, i got electric as i found hand ones are easily broken x



    As for giving your baby cereal- my doctor told me at DJ’s 4mon check up we could start (at that time he was 16.7lbs). I thought it would be sooo much fun. But it was just a big mess and just easier to give him the boob =) Plus he isn’t showing any signs (I don’t think) that he needs to start solids. I think your baby will let you know when he/she is ready to move on/have more food. I personally don’t think there is a certain age/weight to start. It’s all about YOUR baby.


    Bri- I just watched one of the shows and near the end it showed her BF. Earlier on it showed her using forumla. But I think they don’t focus on BF because it’s meant to show young teens that parenthood is not easy.



    2ndtimemommmy – I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s baby. That is so sad. I can assure you that there haven’t been any links between SIDS and vaccines. Also, your baby can receive shots even with a slight cold. If she was sicker then I would reschedule but a small cold should be fine.



    Aydensmommy- Your body will automatically revert back to colostrom, your new bundles need will ‘trump’ your old bundle. Often the older baby will stop nursing and self wean because of the change in milk, but some won’t. A lot of women tandem nurse. Google it, ultimately it is up to you, but don’t feel like your older baby needs to wean.



    Bri, my son is 3 months, and I’m STILL waiting for the engorgement to pass. The only time I haven’t been engorged/leaking is when Braeden goes through a growth spurt. I wish my supply would regulate! It’s even worse now, because he just had his 3 month growth spurt, and just the last 2 days has been back to a more normal feeding schedule, and I feel like I’ve got 2 giant, wet boulders attached to my chest! I don’t pump either, (unless I need someone else to give a bottle for me, which is very rare) I just seem to have an overabundant supply all the time. I know I could drink peppermint tea or something to decrease the supply, but I’d be worried about overdoing it. It may suck to be engorged all the time, but I’d rather that than have to worry about whether I have enough milk. But the other thing is that my letdown is still incredibly painful for me, and I believe it’s because I have too much milk. I’ve noticed that the fuller my breasts are the more the letdown hurts. No real point to this post I suppose, just wanted to complain that my son is 13 weeks old, and I’m still engorged! lol



    ASH- Just to say you are doing GREAT! For 9days old you and baby are both learning and it will take a while for you both to get the whole breastfeeding thing down. ‘Kudos’ to you- tons of women give up because of latch problems, never mind inverted nipples! You are giving it all you’ve got and that’s all you can… weather it works or not in the long run! Hey, and the fact that your ‘squirting’ everywhere is a great sign, LOL! Just remeber ‘nipple up’ meaning pull your nipple up with your thumb, toward his nose and when he opens have the bottom of his lip on the bottom of your areola and let go… might not make sense writting it… but hope we all can help!


    2ndtime- he is almost 5 weeks old. he doesnt seem to be starving. he nurses off of it and seems fine. not still fussy or anything. i just getting scared because i had that issue with right breast and production in that one is veryy slow

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