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    Oh I agree. Plus things like WIC are overly used. They are great when it comes to health and will give a free pump to moms. But do you know how much money they spend in formula alone. Then there are the crack heads hanging out on SS or welfare. It’s crazy. I think there is room for improvement in our country but I do like how we have options that government healthcare and such don’t.


    Hi ladies! I came to you all with some concerns about my daughter getting enough milk and growing properly and it turns out that she is doing just fine! A couple days sfter she was born she weighed 4lbs 14 oz but as of yesterday (one month) she weighs 7 lbs 15 oz!! I am so pleased with her weight gain!!



    katjak7 – I’m glad you switched. Did you let the office know why you were switching? Our Ped is part of an assocation here in Seattle. If a doctor would have suggested that then I would have written or called the board to let them know what their doctors are suggesting. Crazy! I’m glad you figured it out. Best thing you could do.



    We started with 3 diapers…to make sure we could both get used to them. Then slowly added about 2 per month. For awhile 10-12 was a pretty good amount (washing them around every 3rd day that way). I think we have around 15 now, and that lasted us around 4 days before washing (or sometimes an extra yucky one would determine washing day). We always had a costco box on hand too (bought about one every other month or so) and that worked for us. I agree to start with 3 different ones maybe and see which one you end up reaching for…the all in ones really are nice because you use them for the full course of the kid wearing diapers! I couldn’t believe that they were just on my 26 month old…and now will fit (although they look pretty big right now) on my 2 month old!



    leslie- i would go on a nursing marathon this weekend when you are actually able to spend time with her. just offer her the breast every time she opens her mouth for whatever reason, be it every 10 mins. i know it sounds like a lot of work but you have already proven your willing to put hard work into nursing lawson. if you can spend a few days at home with her so it makes it more convenient to offer the breast all day if u have to. it also wouldnt hurt to contact a local LC and make an appointment, they can be more hands on in helping you work through this. good luck, i know you have been working so hard to give lawson the best nourishment possible, keep up the good work!



    i went all natural with isaac. i intend to do it again when we have a #2. good luck to you who are going to try it. it’s tough but so rewarding. a lot like breastfeeding (in the beginning anyhow…now it’s just rewarding) my main suggestion is if you are doing it in a hospital with a doctor that you think is pro drugs get a doula. i had mine at a birth center with a midwife who never left and never even mentioned a drug alternative to pain reduction. it made all the difference in the world b/c there were times in my labor that i really wanted to sleep and if someone had told me i can give you something to help you sleep i probably would have taken them up on it. instead i got gentle encouragement that i could do it and an ear that would listen to my whining. oh and when it was time to push, i got to push! i didn’t have to wait for the doctor to get there. pushing is the best part btw.



    Kaite- Have you tried drinking mothers milk tea, taking fenugreek, eating almonds and oatmeal? These are all natural things that help increase your supply



    Ok, I’m going to give fenugreek a try since my 8 week old has been eating constantly so that I can barely keep up with her. I know people were saying you take more capsules than the suggested amount, but I can’t remember how many. How many do I take to start again?



    That sucks that you aren’t getting any sleep, Bri. Hope that changes. Zoey is teething too (I’ve concluded) but she’s sleeping through a lot of it. Very cranky when she’s awake though. Poor babies!!!!!!



    Mad – I understand your problem. I left my lo at 8 wks pp and she is now 5 mos 3 wks and still ebf. My work day is 7-4 sometimes as late as 5. The best thing for me is trying to pump when dd eats. I work in an office so its not that bad to get away. I feed dd b 4 I leave then pump at lunch about 11 and then again at 2. I am normally home for the next feeding. Jazz only eats 5-6 oz and just started solids so I am about 4 days ahead. Make sure you drink a lot of fluids and eat hearty meals. Also, milk can stay refrigerated for up to 8 days. Freezing is great but thawing and reheating kills some of the nutrients. Lastly, inform your caregiver of how often to feed your lo so they don’t waste milk. You will get pissed off when you see wasted milk!



    I’m a size 14 right now. Ugh! I’m just under 200lbs and 5 10. Most of my weight is in my boobs, tummy and hips. I just want to cut the fat right off. HAHA! I know sounds gross. I’m getting frustrated. I think my workout needs to be changed again. Ugh! Need to lose the darn weight.




    Sorry to be a bother, but i really need help. People with older LOs. So I started giving Ella milk in a sippy cup (mixed with bm) at her meals. And honestly she just doesn’t want to nurse! I’m serious. She nurses maybe once during the day. And i always offer it. She never gives me any cues that she wants it. Why?? I really never thought that babies just weaned this quickly. Let me just say that she still nurses during night (she started this at like 11 months) once, maybe twice. But it’s making me really sad!! Like i thought we’d keep going for a while, but it just seems like she’s done. Why? Is this just how it happens? I’m sad about it. Also… i feel like it’s not fair that i should have to nurse her during the night when she won’t nurse during the day. I know that’s stupid, but i still feel it. Anyone else want to share how they transitioned at a year? I should mention that i’ve never nursed her to sleep for naps or for the night, and i’m wondering if this is why she doesn’t have much attachment. I’m sorry to be annoying, but it’s just shocking to me that she just doesn’t want it.


    I think I’m going to start food with John. He’s very interested in our food. Always grabbing for it and starring at us when we eat, watching the food go to our mouth. Its cute! I’m sad about it.


    It’s 10am and baby John is still sleeping??!!?! We are normally awake by 730. he woke for about 30 mins around 6 then fell back to sleep and has been sleeping ever since?!?! What is going on…

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