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    I have a questions about a childs poop. My son seems to be having really runny poop about every 3rd diaper. Most of them are runny but some just like mustard yellow water almost. Is that normal?



    cosmomama – Lawson sometimes does that too. I am also curious at to what causes it?



    I didn’t even see my baby after the initial ‘viewing’ for 4 hours after my c/s. Needless to say, we had huge issues in the beginning and almost ended up back in the hospital because of too much weight loss (9.7%).



    On another note about sleeping through the night. I had asked yesterday but didn’t get much response, but would love your ladies advice if you have any! QUESTION: I co-slept with my boy and he’d ‘snack’ through the night. Now that he’s sleeping through the night and doesn’t need to feed I’m having to wake up at 3am and pump because my boobs are like rocks, also when I wake they are! How do I ‘train’ my boobies that I don’t need milk throuh the night anymore? I’m very prone to Mastitis. One girl mentioned just giving my boobs relief not a full drain. But I can’t do that because I may end with Mastitis. An LC told me to make sure they’re always well drained. Any suggestions?



    Like I just said we went to Alexander’s 4 month appointment. We was a good trip. He’s still in the 97+% at 20lbs even and 27.5in long! He’s crazy big! Chris was in the 95% and he didn’t even reach 20lbs until 9montths. We got two shots today but we fed through it and he really didn’t notice it. He whined on the way home but we were also stuck in 5 o’clock traffic. He’s now resting. He didn’t develop a fever with the last round so I’m crossing my fingers that he won’t this time either.



    Styx- my baby was ebf and gained 12lbs in first 17 weeks. Like mybabywurprise I eat instant oatmeal and lots water to keep up supply. I am now giving him a little cereal also as the non stop nursing was starting to drive me crazy!


    sydneemay2009 and ellasmommy- Thank you for the advice. I am a stay at home mom and I guess that I am just scared of not having enough milk (even tho I am overflowing now and it KILLS) I will try to slowly stop pumping and hopefully get my daughter to take from both sides so that I am not hurting!


    Lawson’s mom can you pass me the info on pumping more. I started back to work on Monday and I need to be pumping more. I am just getting about 4 ozs. total. HELP PLEASE anyone Thanks



    Maddux, with my first, we tried the whole schedule thing, nursing every three hours, waking him up to nurse when he was sleeping etc. He was unhappy, I was unhappy, it sucked for us! I went to nursing on demand and letting him set his own schedule and he slept better at night and was much happier during the day! With our second, now 10mo I started following him, nursing on demand, letting him sleep when he needed etc and it has been heaven!!! None of the issues we had with our first. He is an awesome sleeper and eats well. I believe now that baby knows what baby needs and its our job as the parent to listen to them and follow their needs instead of trying to mold baby into something that we want, or that is more convenient for us.



    Ricketts: LOVE that idea!



    lisseth-i think if i wasn’t going to switch to cow’s milk i’d just keep pumping and offering bm even if i wanted to end nursing.


    Lexi- I too have been giving my little guy bottle and boob without any problems. He had bottle first since he was in the nicu for 10 days but went right to boob without a problem.



    Well my baby boy is 1 month today! Still breastfeeding and things have improved. My nipple is starting to heal a bit and doesn’t hurt hardly at all now. I think he is latching better than before which might be why? I’m proud i’ve kept going and not given in to pumping etc. I’m a little scared of pumping to be honest. I know a few of my friends have already expressed and left there babies with family for a few hours but I don’t feel
    ready to do it. I like being the only one who can feed him 🙂



    jepica- i was going to say pretty much exactly what Bri said. Seriously keep with it.. The first 6ish weeks are so hard. There are so many growth spurts. And at night, she probably does want to eat she’s just more tired, so once she starts she falls asleep. It’s something that you’ll just have to deal with. She’s so little! Plus, think about it this way. If you were doing formula or puming, every time she woke up (because in all likelyhood she still would) you’d have to get up, get the baby, make the bottle, warm the bottle, (all while holding a crying baby), and then have her suck for 10 seconds and go back to sleep. I’d really rather just whip out my boob, right? LOL.



    I had an emergency section with my DD she was born at 7:33pm and I was attempting to nurse by 8pm at about 10pm they wasnt maintaing her heat and was breathing horribly (22 hrs of labor with NO antibiotics with my water broke) she was very sick so she was in the NICU for 5 days before I was able to nurse her again…I told them NO bottles and she was fed thru a tube and than they wanted me to kangaroo with her at all times and once she was off the cpap they were shoving her on the breast lol…My new baby I attempted a vbac my placenta abrupted (sp) after 10 hrs and his heart went to about 40’s they rushed me to the OR by the time I was there they lost his heart completely so they knocked me out and got him out asap so I was able to nurse after about 4o mins with him but he hasnt had any issues and has been amazing since!

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