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    Jessica, Chris used to do that too. Any time he’d fall down he’d hold his breath too. He also started doing it when I left him at daycare. We did the same thing. A swift wind always made them breath again. I was told I used to do it too when I was young. I’d hold my breath until I passed out. HAHA!


    Peruana she may have still been losing water retention which is why she hasn’t gained much. Also baby gets out more than the pump. Some of the ladies here drink mothers milk tea, take fenugreek and eat fermented oats. The others will give you a better idea. And congrats on breast feeding.



    jpeanut503 – Nope, he’s draining them but as long as you feed as often as he wants your supply will buiild to the demand.


    Damn… now lets move on.


    don’t think nursing covers are very popular in the UK, I’ve never seen anyone using one. Have a picture of me nursing Ollie will add it later. My boob looks twice the size of his head, bless him!



    Hotmessmama-hun-thats totally normal. I did that the entire 6 weeks i was off. My lil lady is only 8 weeks old so i’ve only been back to work almost 2 whole weeks and it breaks my heart each morning. BUT it gets easier if you are leaving your lo with someone you completely trust. And congrats on the bf accomplishment! I am kinda in your shoes-both my older boys were FF due to either they decided that formula tasted better with one and the other the hospital giving him formula and i couldn’t produce…anyway-congrats…ive made it 8 weeks now!


    Noahcolts- I haven’t burped him since he was probably 3 months. FORGOT ABOUT IT! lol I already hate getting up 3 times to pull the boob out I’m not about to sit up and burp the boy too! lol I don’t do it and it doesn’t cause any problems.



    chellebob- It will even out. Your breasts are still trying to figure out how much milk to produce. I am breastfeeding my 3rd baby and the begining is tough, but it gets better within a month. Just stick with it.



    NEED ADVISE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! My son is 5 weeks old and I started work a week ago I work part time and hubby feeds him breastmilk when I am gone well today Landen stared showing impatience and frustration at the breast I dont know what to do I have to work and I never feed him bottles only hubby and only when I am at work and he was dong well last weekend now all of a sudden he started doing this I am very frusrated any advise would be appreciated



    Lilmama-mine did that also. Her first night she was in the nursery-i was hoping she would only sleep like an hour and i would go get her and ya-well 5 hours later i wake FREAKIN out and ran down to the nursery and she was just waking up…count your blessings that your lo stays this way for awhile..its nice to get a big chunk of sleep when your recovering from childbirth. Watch diaper counts and weights and you will be just fine!


    Deeyore- So how do I get invited?



    amorgan-thanks for the idea. I’m going to try your recipe and hope to beable to pump more than what i am. I am donating to a cute lil person that has a milk allergy and mama can’t produce so the more i can send the better! Thanks again!!!!



    Im so sorry julia i can only imagine how it must feel. I thank god i havnt had any problems and i hope it gets better for you soon, so happy to hear your working it out though



    hi, ladies i hope all is well. my baby is almost 7 weeks and when i was in the hospital i did breastfeed. when i got home i started formula. (DONT KNOW WHY) so when he turned 3 weeks i started using the breast pump. then i stoped agin. when i look down at my baby and see him with a bottle of formula i dont feel the bond is there so i started using fenugreek pills. i got them at the vitamin shoppe online. i also got a herb tea called organic mothers milk. it works like fenugreek. its just tea. it helps to keep your milk supply high . good for mothers that are relactating.



    tbull girl-i am actually still breasting feeding my 16 month old and am 17 weeks pregnant. i think it should be pretty fast if you have already gotten your period but i guess it depends on the person. good luck to you!

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