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    So after making the painful decision not to breast feed my milk came in on the right side of my breast and it is really painful. I’ve tried icepacks but does anyone have any other suggestions? Maybe my ob could give me something?



    tove: I read up on motilium as i too take it for supply. It said that you should not exceed 8 tablets in a 24 hour period? my Dr prescribed one tablet three times a day which i increased to 2 tablets 3 times a day after getting mastitis and almost losing my milk supply. I also stopped taking the motilium cold turkey the day before i got mastitis ( not a good combination!) Were you prescribed that dosage??? Maybe just check online as that seems like a lot of tablets in a day. Double what they recommend as a maximum dose. Im not sure what it does if you take too many but i would hate for you to having too much. I take 2 like i said and it works great. If you decide to reduce the amount you take so it one tablet at a time adn only once a day oand see that your supply doesnt drop before losing another tablet. Ill attach the info i found so you can read it.
    Here is the link:
    I hope this helps.



    baby2onboard – It is totally your choice. The American Ped Asso. recommends breastfeeding until 2 but I plan on ‘trying’ to wean at 18months. I know it will take time since Kekoa is very very attached. He still feeds every few hours or so during the day when I’m there. Anyways, if you feel like you should wean then do so but don’t let anyone tell you you should! I mean ANYONE! This is your choice. Congrats on the new pregnancy by the way. I can’t wait to have another one. My son grew up way too fast. He was sitting by 4months and walking by 8months. Now he looks like a litte boy and I miss the little little baby. Oh well, in a few years I will again. I’m jealous of you by the way! HAHA!


    rebneter: my son had jaundice too, and had to spend 2 nights under the bilirubin lights. at one point, i couldnt get him to wake for 8 hours, and had to take him to the er. i found avent tempo was the only bottle he would take. its one of the ones designed for bf’ing babies



    Ally – I always have to with my boys, since birth and they are 5 months now. It usually just comes out for them when I hold them upright.



    Starby – I hate breastfeeding in public, but I go to the bathroom or somewhere discreet. On an airplane, there isn’t much you can really do. Is it possible for you to have a window seat? That would make it less obvious what you are doing. Also, just cover up with a big blanket and pump. If you have short layovers, you will hardly have any time to run to the bathroom and pump, especially with a baby! And I know I can’t pump much if I am stressed or trying to hurry. So if it were me, I would take a big blanket and pump on the plane. Nobody should be able to see what you are doing. And you gotta do what is best for you and your baby!! Good luck!



    Jen all I can think to do is a hot pad and either pump or feed very often. There is a direction to place baby best suited in getting clogs out but i can’t remember so maybe someone will come on and say it.



    Lindy Loo- hi, I am usually an E cup, but during breastfeeding, I went up to a G cup. Don’t worry, you get used to it lol!



    thanks to all the suggestions about adding solids. i was set on not adding them til 6 months. i don’t feel that my son is underweight and really i’m rather small and so is his ‘father’. he grew 2 inches in the last 2 months and he’s just a rather lean baby…not chubby at all, at least not yet. i agree with lilliesmom, i don’t know how that tiny amount of baby food would have more calories in it than my breastmilk. he can go 8-12 hrs w/o a feeding in the middle of the night sometimes its 8, 10, or 12 hrs, however i’ve decided that i will get him out of his crib every night around 10 to add an extra feeding while he’s sleeping. i’m not ready to add solids and i don’t think he is either. i do feel that when i add them he’s going to go nuts and love them. i was just set on waiting til 6 months before solids. i was even tempted to by a sensitive scale at walmart for my own piece of mind…i also think that my dr was suggesting solids thinking that i would be super excited about it. most moms can’t wait to add solids but i can! lol, i think it threw him back when i asked, do i have to? he didn’t quite know how to react. i’m going to give it a few days and see how if his total oz/day increases to 25-30oz and if not then we’ll see. i also bought more fenugreek and alfalfa (someone suggested that it would help add fat to my milk) so now i offically am a cow, haha! thanks again for all the help ladies!



    mommy2mylesNchace what makes you think your not making milk any more? How many diapers are you changing a day? One thing I have learned is if you take 3 table spoons of water and put it into a diaper that is considered a full diaper and as long as he is getting 5-6 wet ones a day he is getting plenty of food. Is it that your breasts don’t feel full anymore or you aren’t leaking anymore? Just trying to get a little more info so I can help you better.



    so, my girls are 6 months old now and have been the greatest nursers ever! Very good at draining a boob in about 7-10 minutes. The past few days though, ANYthing happens and they become distracted. If I sneeze, talk, whatever – they break latch and stare. Feeding times have increased to almost a half hour because I am constantly trying to get them back on the boob – and this is AFTER I fight them to get their fingers out of their mouths. Any suggestions???



    so i just thought id let you ladies know i got the funniest book at the bookstore, i went for a sleep book to help me with some sleep techniques for my daughter and i saw this book in the breastfeeding section and kind of flipped through it and it was hilarious so i bought it for my book collection. Its called ‘If These Boobs Could Talk’ and it brings some humor into everything that has to do with breastfeeding lol.



    brie-I had a clogged nipple pore a few months ago and it was very sore. I just kept applying hot wash clothes to it and draining the breast whenever possible. Luckily for me, mine was on the edge of my nipple so feeding on that side wasn’t a problem. After 3-4 days, it went away on it’s own. Someone on here sent me a website that gave some advice. I’ll see it I can find it….


    campimama: i ended up calling my husband home from work. i was so cold, 2 quilts, a heavy sweater, and i was still shaking. my legs hurt so bad. when he got home, i had as hot of a bath as i could stand, just to make the pain in my legs go away. now, theres a red area on my breast, so im thinking it is mastitis. once my son wakes from his nap, my dh is going to take me to a walk in clinic. my dr only does half days on fridays, and theres no way he has time to fit me in.


    a-mum2b, I agree with the other ladies–if it works, use it. It might be easier for you if you can get away from it, but you shouldn’t worry if that doesn’t work out. LIke lots of us, my baby and I had a bad latch for several weeks, too. Like your baby, he slobbered a lot too. I kept a burp rag at all times for the first 4-6 months and would stop frequently to wipe his mouth and my nipple. Then we’d get going again. Good luck!

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