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    Happy World Breastfeeding Week from the NYTimes:



    thanks ladies!



    That’s good I really like ours they hold classes for every major appointment the only one in the state to do it. It’s funny Dan was watching me eat rice last night while I was holding him I was like at least 2 months buddy



    Peru- pumping is no indication of how much you produce keep feeding baby on the breast. Are you getting 8-10 wet/poop diapers? If so baby is doing well



    Bri & god-iva ~~~ WHAT A FAST- IDENTICAL ANSWER!!! hahahaha so impressed …. Bri u r always very proffesional lady n god-iva my preganacy mate & my friend soooooo im all for it , i will try n see n i will post the feedback in here 😉 thanx ladies .



    Leslie – Nicely put.



    JMUNCY and MOMOFCASH….Do y’all think I’d be completely crazy to even try to relactate at this point. Keira is 19 1/2 mths right now. So really I guess it would mostly be just for me as the majority of her nutrition is no longer from milk. It was just so disappointing to me not to do as well this time and go as long as I did with my son. Two years was a long time and OF COURSE we were down to only nursing twice a day, mornings before work and evenings after work. she too didn’t latch well for a while.



    Lawsons mom-that is soooo crazy and thank the big man upstairs that she can no longer hurt any other children.


    Hey ladies, we co-sleep w/ our babies when they are little (nursing is so much easier that way!) but once our dd1 weaned we started putting her in her own bed. I don’t know if this would work for everyone, but at first we had her on a toddler mattress next to my side of the bed. It started out just a couple of hours and then she’d be in bed w/ us. We gradually started putting her in her room w/ a movie to watch and she’d fall asleep. This was about a year ago. She now sleeps 95% of the time all night in her room, and sometimes wakes up around 6am and gets in bed w/ us. 🙂

    I started drinking caffeine again when I was about 7 months pregnant – I just couldn’t handle not drinking coffee or diet coke anymore!! It doesn’t seem to affect my 2wk old at all – she sleeps great



    chellebob – She’s right. It gets easier. Promise! Hang in there. Within a couple of weeks, you’ll wake up one day and not realize when things got easier…just that they are! The ease of breastfeeding long term soooo outweighs the really hard first 4-6 weeks. Just come visit us when the going gets rough. Hopefully one of us will be around for support!



    hotmessmomma ~ Are you using the bottle with a slow flow nipple? Have you tried mother’s milk tea or fermented oatmeal to increase your production?



    mommamangin – I don’t want to sound stupid but what do you mean by go to the blogs?



    Thank you!



    Shiz-have you tried mothers milk tea?



    I have been having problems with breastfeeding, mostly really painful nipples. I went to my doctor and asked him to write me a prescription for the all purpose nipple ointment or APNO. Here is a link: Print these pages out and take them to your doctor. The ointment is fantastic. It works better than any lanolin cream out there. And you don’t have to use lots. I put it on my nipples after each breastfeeding session. Good luck!

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