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    I was EP for 3 weeks and got my supply super high. I was at 60z a day and not the 25-35 that it says here. Well that was fine while pumping, however I JUST got my son to finally latch on and breastfeed. Now I’m leaking all over the place! Technically I could continue pumping, but my freezer is FULL and I’m so sick of pumping every 3 hrs. Any advice on how to stop leaking? I can’t do anything because I just squirt like crazy.



    Jenn – I am weaning my son now. I started to cut back his feedings/my pumpings at 12 months. I have done one feeding or pumping at a time. I am letting my son and my body adjust slowly. This way i have avoided any clogged ducts and engorgement. It so far has been an easy transition. We were both pretty ready for it. He started to self wean so i just jumped on board!


    Hi Rosie I get a let down every 2 hours when my baby is due a feed and it is like a cold tingling feeling and the nipples leak when it happens. You should be able to feel if your breasts feel empty or not by squeezing the side of them. The only way to really check how much milk you are producing is to express I guess and measure how much milk you get out but if your baby is not getting enough he/she will be crying for more food and not gaining enough weight so you would know anyway.



    tove – Congrats! That does feel good doesn’t it! I’m so happy for you.



    0813lr – I’ve had thrush and I am in pain for you!!! That is so awful! It is worse then mastitis in my opinion. Depending on your cream you may need to wash it off first. I had a compound ointment that I needed to. Kekoa had nystatin for his bum. It worked like magic! Seriously, three doses and it was gone. I was so amazed. We got three tubes and a refill. It worked so well that I got my refill just in case. I actually sent a tube down to CA to my cousin. His son had pneumonia and the doctors said the rash was from the meds. The poor baby had had a sore bum for three months. I sent a tube down and it was completely gone in three days! Anyways, that is off the topic. Take your meds and wash everything multiple times. Everything that comes in contact with you and the baby. Wash your clothes and bras in the hottest water you can. Bleach all the toys that go into the mouth, oh and the bedding. Everything. You have to get rid of the yeast from everything. Once you are feeling better and so is your baby, keep washing it until you’ve been at least a week free of the yeast. Oh and if you pump then boil the parts after every use. Good Luck! Again, I feel your pain and wish to ease it for you!



    blackpearl – lol 30oz in 3 pumps (10 oz at a time 5oz from each); They are huge though, I feel like I’m falling forward all the time. 😉



    kater – I actually wish I had breasfed my second for a shorter period of time, however, I think I tired of it because she would ONLY breastfeed for the first year. I couldn’t get her to take drink from a sippy or eat food until she was a year old; she also would not take a bottle. Once she started eating she quickly went into a bedtime routine nursing and the joy was just gone for me at that point because it wasn’t a cozy time with mommy it was more like something she had to do to get to go to bed. We finally broke that habit when she was 17 months and spending the night away from home. I finished breastfeeding her in the summer of 2005. I was so tired of breastfeeding her that I actually considered not breastfeeding my 3rd (who is only 9 weeks old) because I didn’t want to take the chance of being stuck solely breastfeeding for that long again – We are happily breastfeeding now and I wouldn’t want it any other way right now, but I do really really really hope he will take something other than mommy before a year old!



    THanks 🙂 Yeah, unfortunatley nursing is not an option…my baby was born preemie and we could never get her to latch 🙁 The hospital didnt help much as they gave her a pacifier and a bottle at the very begining against all my wishes, she even had a sign in her bassinet that they ignored! I saw every lactation consultant in town and tried every trick in the book so after lots of frustration and feeling like a loser, I resorted to pumping. I’ m thinking I probably will have to just pump in my seat, at least my husband will be sitting on one side of me, lets just hope the person on the other side is sleeping the whole time or something, hee hee.



    I think ur supposed to place the babies chin toward the clogged duct but I’m not sure….I’ve never had one(knock on wood)…



    Yea I’ve been nursing all day but he gets angry and pulls off because theres no milk but im going to keep trying.



    To all of you struggling during first 6 weeks – it will get better!!! My son had terrible issue (no latch, had to use shield, wanted to eat all the time, I thought I was starving him while he was growing like a weed) till 6 weeks. Later – he found breast in the dark. It just takes some time for both of you to learn.



    18soon2bmommy you have a few typos but if you are asking how long I plan on nursing and how long I have been nursing then I have been nursing for 6 months and hope to continue nursing until my little one is 2 yrs old. The american pediatrics association recommend nursing until then but alot of people nurse until their little one is 1 and can take cows milk.



    gladek- ‘i dream of cheese’…oh, I needed a quick chuckle, thanks =) I dream of regular coffee!!!



    TannersMommy33 – Just tell them you can’t spoil an infant. They don’t know what spoiling is. Anyways, it’s not spoiling a baby by meeting their needs.



    here is the site someone sent me about the clogged nipple pore…hope it helps you, too!!

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