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    Hey ladies , well I’ve had supply issues in the past couple of months, my son is 3 and a half months old, but this past week I finally weaned him off formula completely! My question is ,is it wierd normal that when I try and pump I only get about 2ozs from both breasts and only at night. I just started pumping a few days ago, but its imperative that o go, my son got diagnosed with allergies m in order to give him the med I have to mix it with bm. What to do?



    I called the public health unit, and they said it would be best to reschedule the immunizations, since the cold going around our area these days is a particulary nasty one. He’s seems pretty good right now, just the cough, but better safe than sorry in case it turns into the same thing the rest of us have been battling for weeks. Though I’m confused as to why he’s just coming down with it now? My whole family have been really sick for about a month, and we’re just now getting over it, but the baby didn’t get sick until this weekend. His cough sounds the same as the rest of us, but I’d have thought, if the antibodies in the breastmilk protected him for so long, he wouldn’t suddenly get it a month after the rest of us? though perhaps that’s why he’s not as sick, he’s still got antibodies, so he’s fighting it more efficiently. I just would have expected him to get it earlier than he did. Anyhow, they’re really backed up at the public health unit, so now he doesn’t get his shots for another month. I don’t mind so much, I’d rather him have them when he’s healthy anyway.



    AydensMommy2009 – I had the same apprehensions when I was pregnant. I got pregnant when Chris was 17months. I was 26months when I gave birth. I was a little worried because I didn’t exactly want to tandem nurse but I didn’t want to force it upon him either. I figured I would do whatever he ended up wanting/needing. In the end a lot of babies will self wean somewhere in the second trimester. Your milk has hormones in it that changes the taste. Many women also lose supply while pregnant. So, many babies just don’t want it anymore. But many do. If you are still nursing when you give birth then don’t worry, you’re body will provide for the newborn first. You would just want to nurse your newborn first and then your toddler second or in an off schedule. Your body should make enough. Congrats!



    I freeze my milk in 2 and 4 oz bags because i dont want any wasted at all. usually if i am going to give her a bottle it is AFTER she nurses then i give her only 2 oz but if i am away from herr and she doesnt nurse i give her the 4 oz



    this is the weirdest question…does anyones feet sweat when your BFing…my feet get sooo hot and sweating when i nurse (never had sweaty feet before). i assume it has something to do with hormones…?



    Hi Ladies, Does anyone here have an over-production issue? I had it with my son, but now with this one I have one breast that is crazy full. It leaks all the time even with 3-5 breast pad in I soak my shirt. My LO cannot drink off that breast as the pressure is too much for her, and when I feed her off my other breast the full one leaks and soaks my shirt. It hurts to sleep on my side at night and I can barely lift my right arm. I know she is only 12 days old and my breast will eventually figure things out, but any ideas on how to speed this up? (I have tried to pump off the excess but I end up producing more, and I have tried to skip feeds on that breast, but it become way too painful and I soak everything near me!!) Thanks ladies!!



    Wic is women infant children its state funded program that aids ‘low income’ formula baby food for infants milk eggs cheese beans for kids and nursing moms. I went and applied when preg with my first and the lady laughed at me they go off gross income I dunno it would be nice in this economy but we manage great



    Anyways, I have a question for anybody willing to answer..or who is able to answer. I haven’t breastfed for awhile (son is 4.5, daughter is 2.5) and I have these little white head looking things on my nipples that I can mash and milky looking stuff comes out. They aren’t super noticeable but I can definately see it…any ideas what this is or how to get it to go away?? I never had this after breastfeeding my son.



    rachelsbaby – Ella is right, everything is regulated. One night isn’t going to make a difference but you supply will adjust to it’s demand.



    We ended up with 6dozen prefolds and we have 4 preemie covers, 6 small covers and 6 Medium covers. I do diapers once a week and not because we are out. We had 4doz with Ayden, but got 2more dozen to replace worn diapers and because we thought we were going to have two in diapers. Little did I know that the day we brought baby brother home was the day big brother was going to decide that diapers were for the birds! 🙂 Heck, Zach, who is 10mo has been really interested in our little potty so we just started putting him on to let him get used to sitting on it. He just went. Purely by luck I am sure, it was just funny after all the talk we have had today!



    jeni-how much does it bother dh to hear crying? my son is beginning to get to hte point where he wants to nurse to sleep but has trouble doing so now. it gets frustrating for him (and me sometimes). anyhow, my husband wants to help so he’ll take him to rock him and isaac will completely freak out. so dh will try for about a minute, tow at the most, and then hand him back. my dh can’t stand to hear the crying. anyhow if your dh is that why, i’d tell him i’d wean only if he was the one who distracted her. my guess is it won’t be all that easy for him to do and he’ll see that she still needs it and you’ll get your way on it. is that the best way to approach it? maybe not, but it would be my approach with someone who suggest i might be ‘turning’ my child lesbian. i’m not sure good old fashion reasoning will work especially when he has mommy dearest siding with him.


    I did a 100 % natural childbirth in a hospital. It was tough because my on did not back me on it but I did it anyway. I did hire a Doula as well to run block. In my case the nurses were pretty awesome. They tell you certain things are procedure but you can say no to anything. I wouldn’t even let them run an IV line. I also labored at home for as long as possible to prevent any unnessary intervention. In the end I had nurses that stayed to watch because they had never seen an actual natural childbirth. I was the talk of the hospital and nurses coming in saying oh I heard about you…birthing to me is fun and neat. I’m one of those that loves childbirth



    Bri- I will def let you know 🙂 Deeyore- I will pick it up again today lol I take it everything worked out for you with the book? Oh I added pictures of my little ones check it out


    He’s been pooping fine after that one 3 days of no poop. Also he doesn’t go to bed at first on the breast. I can put him in his pack n play and he’ll sleep for a few hrs but after that it’s overthe rest of the night is a nightmare! I got so tired of it the other night I just put a pillow over my head becuase I knew after a few mins he’d stop and fall back to sleep but I hate that he does it. During the day he’ll take a nap and wake up just fine. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what to do!!! lol


    Had boys weighed James is 29 lbs 12 oz and is between the 91st and 98th centile. Ollie is 13lb 13 1/2 oz and is on the 91st centile. Both boys are big but neither are fat.

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