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    I have been eating oatmeal for breakfast everyday and noticed a huge increase! I used to only be able to get 2oz out of one side and now i can get 4-5oz!!!!! I eat the old fashion oats with a little bit of brown sugar in them! YUMMMMM


    He’s supportive, don’t get me wrong, but there are just times when little things like that happen and I get really annoyed. Mostly when I’ve had a long day and try to take just a little break. He tells me to just leave milk and he’ll watch him sometimes but all I can think about if I go just like to the store is if the baby is crying and John is freaking out. He doesn’t seem to understand that when he gets stressed the baby does too. He has a hard time staying calm while trying to firgure out why the baby is crying. Bri- I do take showers most the time during the first nap of the day but the past few days I’ve taken that time to just realize because he hasn’t been sleeping well at night so I’m tired. He goes to bed when we do which is 10 since he wakes up so much if I put him to bed any earlier he’ll wake as soon as I fall asleep!


    Bri – Interesting article. I think that one of the major deterrants for a lot of women is having to work AND EBF. I know that it CAN be done in most cases, but it’s all the work that goes into trying to EBF and work full time. I currently work full time and Alyssa is just shy of 6 months and she has been EBF (along with currently adding solids) and I must say it is VERY difficult. I absolutely LOVE to nurse and I plan to go 1+years (as long as the nursing relationship is mutually desired by me and baby), but I know it would be much more ideal in theory to be able to nurse for that amount of time or longer if I didn’t have to deal with work, pumping, demand/supply issues, etc, etc, etc. I doubt the world will ever go back to the way things used to be (where moms usually stayed home) in our lifetime. Don’t get me wrong… I believe in having things be 50/50 between men and women, but I would much rather be a SAHM while my children grew up. Unfortunately, that is not my situation and I think a lot of women are in my shoes.



    mom-call him back and ask what class the drug is in. if it’s in ‘a’ or ‘b’ it’s definitely safe. i think ‘c’ is borderline and anything else i wouldn’t before contacting a doctor.



    my sister used to hold her breath until she passed out. We grew up with Mom always blowing in open mouths to get various siblings to breath. Now that we have grandkids running around, if someone gets hurt and they are mid scream Mom starts yelling ‘NOT breathing, that kid’s not breathing!’ She cracks me up a little bit. I figure that once they pass out, their body takes over and they start breathing again, so even though I blow at them to get them to breath, I am not quite as panicked as everyone else seems to be. 🙂



    Peruana – I second what the other ladies said. How many dirty diapers? I think some doctors tend to stress new mothers out about how much their little one eats. It’s crazy they have you pumping. The fact that you can get 2 oz out at a time is a good indication that you have enough to feed your little one. Breastfed babies need 1 – 1.5 oz every hour (a 2 week old is probably closer to that 1 oz) so if you’re PUMPING 2 oz every time you pump, that’s probably enough to keep your little one full. If your little one were nursing, they’d most likely get more than that 2 oz. Good luck. I know it’s hard but I really don’t think pumping is the solution if you don’t HAVE to. It might end up hurting your supply.



    momofcash, we hadn’t been trying to get pregnant, we were actually trying NOT to, but you still get attached once you find out about the little one! We were pretty scared to be pregant since hubby was still out of work and we couldn’t manage the bills we had, but the second the nurse came in and said the test was negative, it felt like my whole world came crashing down! It took a week of testing for them to decide that I was still pregnant and then I was sent in for an U/S to validate the pregnancy. The HGC levels I was getting, and the U/S had baby measuring weeks younger than it would have been possible. I knew when I ovulated and when we BD and pregnancy should not have been possible, AND there was no way I could have gotten a positive pregnancy test when I did since their levels had me not even pregnant yet! All we can figure is that there was a significant dip in my levels right before testing. Oh well, I am incredibly thankful that we have Zachy. I am a little sad that there could have been two babies and I never had the chance to meet one of them, but I am forever grateful my Zachy survived!



    1sttimemommy – I think the leaking prior to giving birth is the exception and not the rule. To the best of my knowledge MOST people do not leak prior to birth. The signal to produce colostrum and milk is given by certain hormones that kick in in your body AFTER the birth event.


    Noah- Yes its normal. I didn’t start losing hair until John was about 3-4 months.



    Lawsons- I have had the same thing happen since I started pumping. I thought I was the only one. lol I even asked my LC if that was normal and of course she said yes due to the high suction on the pump. On another note. I am now feeding my son 3 bottles a day of BM. This is HUGE for me. After the 4th day of taking the fermented oats my supply doubled! I really didnt expect that. So I have set myself a goal to be completely weaned from formula by the 8 week mark. So I have 3 1/2 more weeks to increase my supply from about 15 to 30 ounces. I think I can do it.


    I make the oats almost everyday and forget about them.12-24 hrs go by before I remember about them! lol



    I’m six weeks into this and I’m leaking terribly at night because of the longer times between feedings! I’m starting to think I should pump and freeze but I don’t want my body to up the amount its making any more!



    hotmessmomma ~ Also, at around 6 weeks babies go through a growth spurt and will feed more often to increase your supply. Is there a way that you can get to your baby at your lunch hour to bf him?



    It’s OK I worked it out. What a wally!!



    Question for all of you pumping mommies. After an extremely difficult first month of BF on the advice of my lactation consultant I started exclusively pumping and have been for two months now. It’s exhausting. Every time Ben eats (6-8 times a day) I’m then tied to the pump for another 15-20 minutes afterward and it’s truly annoying, not to mention hard to leave the house! It would be one thing if that was enough to satisfy his needs but he still gets about 50% of his nutrition from formula since I don’t pump enough. I toyed with the idea of giving myself a Christmas present and stopping altogether but instead of doing that I think I may just move to pumping 3 times a day, morning, midafternoon and night. I realize this will decrease my supply but is there a possibility it will dry it up altogether?? I’m trying to find something that I can live with long term; this 6-8 times a day thing just sucks and frankly cuts way into my precious playtime with my boy! I would appreciate any advice.

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