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    Styx- I order the Flip and fuzzybunz. I believe that is write Mere-and-girl will correct me if i’m wrong! lol I should get them next week.


    Jepica so sorry you are struggling with the pumping, don’t feel bad about it. You are doing fantstic for your child. Have you tried some of the methods the others have that increased their supply?


    We have a tourer caravan which we’ll hitch up to the car. We are going to the Lake District its on the NW of England so its a couple of hours drive.



    IDK, but to me, routines are different than schedules. A routine is just a set order of events where time doesn’t matter. Baby can still eat and sleep on demand with a routine, but a schedule is more ridged with the clock in my mind. Like things have to happen and this time and that time. My 2.5 year old has a bedtime routine, but he doesn’t have a bedtime schedule. If he is tired at 730, we can do his routine and he knows its bedtime. If we have a family function and we don’t get home till 9, it doesn’t matter. If we do his bedtime routine it feels the same to him.

    And the sleeping 12 hours is definitely not the norm! Be VERY grateful! If you ever get a chance, pick up a copy of the book ‘The No-Cry Sleep Solution.’ The author went through so much research and actually got a more accurate picture of sleep habits. It is very unusual for a baby to sleep that long at night!



    Hi I have just been reading about 10 pages of comments and all I can say is WOW… I can not believe that we as mothers are not supporting each other. There seems to be such a huge divide between BF and FF feeding mothers. Dont you think there are much bigger issues in the world to be worrying about. like child neglect and abuse. I mean as mothers we try to do what is best for our families especially our children. I personally onlyexcusivily breastfeed for the first 7 months it was hard work I am not going to lie it did not come easy to me, at first it was cracked nipples and then my baby spewing blood due to my nipples bleeding when i feed. I had an over supply issue where my bub would get too much milk and end up spewing after every feed. I tried pumping and bottle feeding her but my community nurse made me feel like I was doing such a bad thing by doing this that I went back to breastfeeding I had bouts of mastitis and My breast were sore, buring and Painful all the time, by 7 months I enough was enough I was in tears and stressed and getting depressed so badly I did not want to feed my baby. So as A family we decided to introduce formula to relieve some of the pressure off mummy and hope that by decreasing the breast feeds I would loose some of my supply.. This worked very well for us. Now I still breast feed at night and first thing in the morning but my little one has 2 to 3 bottles of formula a day. Mum is happy not in pain and not depressed and our family unit is much much happier. I do beleive breast is best hence why I still continue to breastfeed but for me 100% was just not working.. LETS START SUPPORTING ALL MOTHERS DOING THE RIGHT THING BY FEEDING AND NOT NEGLECTING THIER BABIES WHAT EVER THE METHOD MAYBE.


    We ended up having to put James forward facing when he was about 8 1/2 months . He was just too uncomfortable rear facing.



    i jsut have to share soem of my frustration with you all. My mum has been down for the last few days for my daughters 1st birthday…
    She went home today but the whole time she was here she was on about me still breast feeding. I am only breast feedinat night and in the morning. But she thinks I should stop, especially now that I am pregnant with number 2. She told me if did not stop that the new bub would miss out on the colustrum (SP?) when the new one arrives. i know what she is saying is wrong but my gosh it frustrated me very much I hate that she think she knows everything and thinks I am creating a boob dependant baby (little one loves to put her hand down my top and hold my breast) I do not see a problem with this but she keeps telling me that she will be 6 and still doing it… Argghhh she drives me crazy some times


    I did the month by month when my daughter was born, she is 27 months now, but we hang out in the 26 month group with the ladies I have come to love and respect. We weeded out all of our bad apples a long time ago, now with my son I don’t have the time or the energy for starting the months again, too much drama and discord. So I stick with my 26 month ladies in the happy group we have already formed. Lot sof us all had our second babies so it is just as good to ask questions and get advice as the 2 month page, which I am glad I am not on seeing as 2 months is way too young for cereal, the babies colon is not developed enough to deal with solids and I wouldn’t be able to bite my tongue. Bad enough they make thickening formula now….



    deeyore486…good info in the offering of one or both breasts per feeding. That was good stuff.



    Oh OH OH….and BRI….know all about the leather looking skin. I see a few of those every day. You really have to take care of your skin in the sun.



    His feet reach the ground but he can’t move it yet. His big brother zooms around our house on it. The problem with winter birthdays is that you get cool toys but can only use them inside. Now Chris thinks his bike belongs inside. HAHA!



    Also, while Zoey seems very unmotivated to crawl or roll over lately… she has a great trick! If I get her looking at me and I ask her if mommy can have a kiss, she grabs each side of my face and pulls it to hers with her mouth wide open and gives me a huge open mouthed (and sometimes tongue involved) kiss. It’s soooooo cute!



    Anyone know if Zyrtec ( the allergy med ) is safe to take while nursing?


    Chellebob- I loved my nipple shield! It really did save me. I don’t know if I wouldve been able to keep bf without it.



    mist- got to the dr and get a script for reglan, it increases milk supply. I happen to be allergic to it so ordered motillium from mexico…that really worked for me…i dont need to make as much now so went off it, i drink fenugreek a heaping tbs every morning still.

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