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    I’ve been posting a lot on my monthly site, but decided to come by this forum…. my son is 13 weeks tomorrow and is EFB.

    He weighs about 17lbs now! Anyway, I have a question – does anyone else have trouble burping? Jacob does not burp. IF he does, its like 30min later. BUT he gets horrible gas pains that wake him up, and he grunts and grabs and lifts his legs till he farts or poops. Particularly in the early morning and once in the afternoon.

    Is this bc of bfing? AND he always falls asleep eating, even if I pull him off awake, while Im trying to burp him, he falls asleep – sitting up, on my shoulder…any position he just konks out…

    Any burping tips would be much appreciated, thanks!



    Does anyone have some home remedies for thrush? Until I can get to a doctor Monday morning. I hate to keep giving my ds Tylenol. Any info would be helpful on how to ease his pain.



    parkersmommy1 – definitely sounds like mastitis. That stuff is miserable. The good news is once you get the antibiotics in you, you should start feeling better pretty quickly. It’s amazing how sick mastitis can make you. Good luck. I hope you feel better soon.



    DulcianasMom- my guess would be that your body is making enough for your babies needs and when you pump there isn’t too much to pump because your lo has drank what your body made for him/her. I stayed at home with my dd until she was 3 months and now i’m back to work. if you skip a feeding and give her frozen milk and then pump you will probably get more, but remmeber that your lo is much better at getting the milk out than any pump. hope this helped atleast a little.



    So… I nurse once in the morning and pump the rest of the day. I try to pump pretty often at work (every 2-3 hours) but my son doesnt feed that often. When I pump, it usually takes a couple of minutes to get a letdown. Well… since we nurse in the morning (which is the longest stretch I go – 5-6 hours without pumping) the letdown is immediate. Now on the weekends when I can get him to nurse throughout the day, my son doesnt have the patience to wait for a letdown and gives up way before that. I actually have to go longer without pumping on the weekends (about 6 hours) so I can nurse him without him getting frustrated. Is this normal? Any advice for a VERY impatient child? Haha. He is almost 10 months old.



    Does anyone else feel breast feeding might be aging them? I’m on my 11th month breastfeeding and I just feel like it’s taken a toll on my body, particulary my facial ‘looks’. Pictures I had just months ago compared to now look way younger. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not planning on even slowing down yet..that’s not the issue. I was just wondering if anyone else has seen this in themselves. I know pregnancy it’self takes a toll, but honestly I feel I looked younger when pregnant, even with the weight gain.



    I never covered the oats but did heat it until steaming hot.



    thanks lilli



    Laura- I think it would be worth a try to cut out the dairy…you would see within a day or so if it helps. As for the screaming, maybe someone else has some advice, but my LO went through a phase like that for a few weeks when he was younger, then it stopped.



    I have a question- my baby is 8days old today and I have a very good millk supply(I pump and give her the breast directly)but I notice that she will only feed on one side for about 15-20 minutes a session…am I still supposed to be giving her both breast at this point? Or does it mean she’s getting enough? I still alternate breast but she always falls asleep after she finishes and we never make it to the next breast!



    Hey Everyone! I made it to 11mths breastfeeding until I caught H1N1 last week. I’ve never been that sick in my life and luckily my LO or DH didn’t catch it. My DH took care of us both b/c my LO also had an Ear infection and eye infection. Since I was on Tamiflu, the Dr told me I would have to pump and dump. I started to do that but then I was too sick to keep it up and since I wanted to wean at 12mths, I figured I might as well do it 1mth early. It went better than I thought. We didn’t have much frozen so we started mixing half BM and half formula and then all formula. He’s taken to it really good. I do miss breastfeeding but glad we kept it up for as long as we did. Now I feel like I have so much extra time b/c I don’t pump at work or before bed or first thing in the morning anymore.

    Luckily tamiflu worked but it then went into an upper resp infection…so, I’m still sick. But, I’m so thankful my LO never got H1N1. After catching it, I’m seriously debating giving him the shot for it though. But, I wonder…since he got my BM for a few days I wonder if he got my antibodies for it? I was breastfeeding for a couple of days when I started to get sick and before I went to the doctor.

    Anyway…just wanted to get out here and comment b/c its been awhile. I will check out here every once in awhile to check in. Breastfeeding for me was challenging but the best experience ever and I’m so thankful we did it for so long. Good Luck to all you girls!! Keep up the Great Work!!



    Expecting- I made my own pumping bra 🙂 Buy a cheap one of the clearance rack with no padding (I bought a few sizes up so that it would fit over my clothes at work). Then cut a small openingin the middle. I have a Medela so I take the funnel part and place it through the opening, and then connect to the other little thing that goes in the bottle. Strap it on and you are hands free!



    lupimos: My son will be 16 months on the 21st and he is still bfing 3 times a day.



    Yea, beer can increase your supply and relax your let down! And one is perfectly fine for you and baby!



    I know this forum is more for strictly breastfeeding but I was hoping to get some advice. I will be going back to work when my baby is about 3 months old. I used an electric pump for my daughter to make enough milk to get her through the first seven months but stopped when I went back to work because it was just too inconvenient to pump at work with an electric pump (I am a teacher). Since I will be going back sooner this time I am wondering if investing in a manual pump might be a good idea and I can pump during my lunch or planning period if need be, I may only be able make the next day`s milk but it would be something right? What are your thoughts on this? Is there a manual pump you would recommend? Thank you!

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