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    He’s been pooping fine after that one 3 days of no poop. Also he doesn’t go to bed at first on the breast. I can put him in his pack n play and he’ll sleep for a few hrs but after that it’s overthe rest of the night is a nightmare! I got so tired of it the other night I just put a pillow over my head becuase I knew after a few mins he’d stop and fall back to sleep but I hate that he does it. During the day he’ll take a nap and wake up just fine. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what to do!!! lol



    So excited because my little Jaiden went to sleep around 10pm woke up around 3am, I changed and fed him then fell back to sleep 4am and didn’t wake up until 7am. He’s only 11 days old so im very excited that he slept that long. Hopefully he’ll stay up all day today like he did yesterday (he only took 2 naps, one was for an hour the other was for 2 hours and he fell asleep off and on throughout the day but only for a couple minutes each time.) I feel so refreshed now! Laura- im hoping I can persuade my fiancé also, im only 23 so I have some time too



    scarlet begonia – I was an accountant…not really a manager. I was the manager of money. HAHA!


    Jessica – that sounds frustrating. I’m glad my hubby is supportive. He stays home with Alyssa during the day and works at night. I spend the day at work and the night with Alyssa, so on a weekly basis he gets more time with her, so he’s very in tune with her it seems. Although, when I am home he always asks me what I think we should do when she’s crying or fussy, etc. I’m glad he gets to spend so much time with her. Alyssa and I have such a strong bond and I think nursing helps it a lot. I had a fear that she wouldn’t bond as closely with Travis because of it, but they have such a great bond. Whenever he’s in the room she just stares and stares at him and smiles when he looks over at her. It’s so unbelieveably cute! She loves her daddy so much!



    Hi ladies I am looking at advice from all the co- sleepers here. My guy is 18 weeks old. Here is his bed routine. Bath around 8:30 or 9……..pyjamas, feed , rock to sleep, in crib by 9:30 or 10. I have to usually go in every 20 mins for the first hour to settle him. He will last maybe 2-3 hrs in the crib. I feed him and then bring him in bed him me. He rolls around all night with his arms swinging around hitting both himself and me in the head.He is NEVER still.He usually wakes up crying every 1-2 hrs. I thought sleeping with him would make it easier for me so I could just stick my boob in his mouth, but this is not working anymore.I tried leaving him in his crib last night after every feed but he still wakes up 1-2 hrs. I leave a cd on for him all night very low and he has a nightlight. Am I putting him to bed too late….we usually get up for the day at 9am..sometimes 8 or sometimes 10. He is very alert during the day and developing right on track. He naps only for 30 min 3 times a day. I am at my wits end and my dr says that he shoouldn`t still have to bf every 2 hrs at night. Somebody mentioned bringing him to a chiropractor. Any suggestions would be great…but I think I have tried everything!!!!!!!!!!



    Have you tried looking year class up on


    deeyore – lol… that’s an amusing visual!



    Just reread your comment. 2 oz AFTER she feeds. You should be fine! Really. A lot of women can only get .5 oz (or less) after a feed, especially if they’re new to pumping. Pumping is an art, just ask Lawson’s Mom and some of the other exclusive pumpers.



    jeffswife-we try to go out after isaac is asleep most of the time. he’s bedtime is 8:00 (normally) so we’ll catch a late dinner while family is watching him. we have also been known to leave him after his dinner with whomever is watching him giving him a bath. he enjoys bathtime so barely notices we’re gone. We’ve only done this recently though with a good friend of ours that he sees often. he’s 14 months old.



    Chellebob – it is typically the recommendation of most lactation consultants and the La Leche League International that you offer both breasts at each feeding. Allowing the baby to fully empty the first breast in order to receive the HIND milk, which has a higher fat content that is needed and is more filling. The offer the opposite breast until they are satisfied. They recommend that you start with the breast that finished with at the last feeding again so that the baby can fully empty it and receive the hind milk.



    I thought I was going crazy I just noticed I have tons of hair falling out yesterday….thanks noah for bringing it up since d is almost 4 months I didn’t think it could be that guess I was wrong…..



    LAWSON-yes on the sensitive nipples. anytime i would do extra pumping they would show up. eventually when i went back to normal so would they. my lc told me i had my suction up too high but it’s how i got the most milk so i just ignored the pain. also, so glad you got lawson out of there when you did. isaac just switched teachers at daycare so i’m back to being nervous and watching like a hawk. i really trust this daycare, but i can’t help but worry. he can’t verbally tell me if something is wrong.


    Noahcolts- I roll over onto my back w/ my girl laying on my belly and pat her back until she burps, then roll over on the other side and let her nurse again


    Chellebob- It will get easier. I waited 8 weeks for the easy part to come. I’m glad I stuck it out but I also told myself I was going to BF and I was sticking with it for my son. STYX- Thebox says 3-5 times a day I believe. I kept doing the samething with the oats. I now place them on my island where I can see them so I won’t forget. lol



    hotmess- definitely make sure you’er using slow flow nipples. Also, just don’t give the bottle when you’re around. Baby won’t let himself starve. Ella did this also, but i think it’s a vicious cycle to get into if you just give bottles when baby gets fussy like that. Just keep nursing. He should be fine.

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