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    I didn’t leave a comment as everything seems to have been said now. Never mind – I might be more on the ball next time. x



    5 days ago I had my son. I am breastfeeding him but it has been a little frustrating since his moth is so small and he cant open it wide enough to get a good portion of the areola. But my question is will it become a problem if he doesnt get the hind milk and how do you know if he is getting it.



    I tried what one of you suggested about letting baby sleep with you and just nurse off and on all night. It worked! I have also been taking the Fenugreek but just couldn’t get that extra ounce that I needed by just pumping. Thanks for the tip!



    FeedArt: Smart Breastfeeding – Love can be measured
    Your Smart App is designed for real-time monitoring of your baby’s breastfeeding and tracking proper growth.



    stuck pumping over here because baby has a poor latch. …weak lower jaw. I’m hoping he strengthens it through some random nursing and using breastflow bottles. I was pumping every 3 hrs but I can’t stand it anymore. pumping 3-4 times and praying to GOD my supply stays and this boy gets strong and switches back over eventually.

    …my sil told me she coudl get 10 ozsin ten mins …really? is that possible? Maybe she had it totally cranked up. OUCH!
    I’m getting about 30 ozs a day and babe(6 weeks) eats 3-4 every 3-4 hours.



    Is it possible to breast feed and be preganant? Help me!!! I’m still breast feeding my daughter and she is 15mos.. I’m really worried about this.. Any advice?


    Hi all. I have one week til my due date and I will be breastfeeding. I have a quick question, I have avoided colouring my hair throughout my pregnancy just as a precaution. Just wondered if there is any negatives to doing this whilst breastfeeding.



    ozbaby- I read motillium was 30mg 3 times a day to 40mg 4 times per day. my pills are 10mg. I am going to cut back slowly after awhile. this is only the 2nd day I’ve kept up with baby.



    baby2onboard – Oh I know it’s hard. Believe me, the thought of weaning makes me want to cry. I know I will have to some time this year but I don’t want to. They say that weaning is just as difficult for mom because of the hormonal changes it causes. Doctors compare it to PPD. Scary!



    So I went to Germany for 5 days…took my pump, and bottles and liners and everything….and forgot the freaking thing that attaches to the breast….so I had to manually pump, made me really truly feel like a cow and was not comfortable at all…I am never doing that again!!!



    I guess everyone just has different experiences with breastfeeding. I had much trouble in the beginning ( had a breast infection-yuk!) but i still continued to nurse no bootles or any supplements and i worked through it-even though it was really really painful. My daughter Autumn is now 16 months old and i too wanted to wein her off at 12 months, then i read how thats too soon and clearly by how my little monster was feeding i knew it was so i was going to nurse until 18-24 months but i am almost 15 weeks pregnant and am in agony almost every time i feed her. (Which is only a night feeding now). I have always been her pacifier and since she literally has a full mouth of teeth and pregnancy is making my breasts really really sensitive its just not working anymore. : ( I will nurse as long as i can though while trying to wein her off at the same time. Wish me luck! I do plan on this child (since it is my last) to nurse for 2 years though. Good luck to all of you nursing mamas, its such an amazing experience!



    Grrrrr! Just finish my last pump of the day. So as I was getting the caps and taking off the shields I spilled milk all over myself! Grrr!! Thank God my pump this morning was well worth it. I lost about two ounces cause I was able to catch the bottle before it all dumped. Now I’m sitting here in wet pants waiting to go home. Somedays, I tell ya! HAHA! Grr!



    You do place the babies chin towards the blockage. I have had quite a few blockages and i just feed as normal and always offer the blocked side first and try to massage out the lump in the shower as well. It has always gone within a day or two. Hurts though and a snug bra doesnt help.



    I got my cycle back when my baby was just five weeks old, and continued to BF exclusively until yesterday actually, since he will be 9 months in a few days. But anyway, I was told to drink lots and lots and lots of extra water around my cycle, to get more sleep, etc. Things that you would do to hydrate yourself, basically.
    Wish I could help more! All the best to you.



    rachbaby many allergy meds will lower your supply a little but your baby needs you healthy more than anything else. Check with pediatrician.

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