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    QUESTION: When you ladies freeze your milk how many ounces do you freeze? I’ve been filling the bags to the max (5oz), but I’m wondering if I should have a variety of sizes? Or do you think it doesn’t matter??



    I just found this video. Absolutely beautiful. Makes me sad, realizing what I missed out on. I didn’t get to start BFing my DD for 4 hours after her delivery 🙁



    Thanks for all your comments ladies!


    ok ladies need some help here big time, I take aspirin to thin my blood they are taking me off it on the 15th and doing a c section on the 23ed my doc says that I should go back on it a week after I have him, I have heard aspirin is not good to take when breastfeeding, is this true????????? anyone else heard of this??? please post to my page thank you very much



    horseygal & Bri- im standing up and giving what both of you said a round of applause! dr.drew is stupid its not painful if it is theres some sort of latch or infection ( like thrush) issue…….i love our bonding time and horseygal im trying your idea feeding in the tub what a great way to multi task ! i dont see how anyone could think its a job…… its more work to get up measure the formula wash the bottle go buy the formula and so on……and bri i agree with every single thing you said! it is extreamly lopsided and i too am a proud breast feeder and will pull my boobs out anywhere i am when he needs to eat that is what they are there for



    2ndtimemommmy – The antiobodies help only if it’s something that you’ve had. Maybe the cough is a strain that you haven’t gotten. It could also be from the change in weather and so forth. Breastfeeding doesn’t mean your child won’t get sick just that there is a lower chance of being sick. My first son was sick all the time but he was in daycare and was exposed to germs that I wasn’t. It sucked. Since taking him out he hasn’t had a single sniffle. That was over a year ago.



    mere-and-girl my son slept threw the night since the day he was born he will wake up at 6 am to feed then back to sleep so i wouldnt worry be happy lol! i so far after almost 3 months have never had to get up in the middle of the night except when he wasnt feeling good i say let her sleep she will let you know when she wants food….. babybean3 my son does that durring the day its very frusterating but now he just wants to suck all day long but every so often he will do that at least a few days a week im hoping he will gorw out of it! i hate to hear him fuss 🙁



    wyatts mommy- i just wanted to let you know that i felt like i had that problem, also. I had so much milk in the beginning that i would just squirt a pile of milk when she’d unlatch (which i remember you saying). And once my milk production regulated, Ella would eat for like five minutes and then get frustrated. And it wouldn’t be because there was no milk, but because it wasn’t squirting at her. She didn’t feel like putting any effort into it because she was used to it being so easy. She did eventually get used to it. Just wanted to share with you that it might get better for you.



    Mere: thanks a bunch!! 😀



    slibby, I had with major over-production issues with both of my boys. In the beginning, I start out block feeding to help with the over-active letdown issues and to help ensure that baby gets enough hindmilk. Then because it gets so painful, I do pump about four times a day. I only take off enough to make it comfortable, but I am still engorged when I stop. I generally limit myself to 5oz off each breast, however there have been times where I have had to take up to 10 off each side and still end up engorged. Once my body slows down enough, I cut out a pumping session and work it down so that I don’t have to pump at all. By that time, my maternity leave is over and I end up pumping three times a day at work. I never get time away from the pump! 😛



    styx – I’m not exactly sure. I know that with alcohol it’s out of the blood in about an hour so you’d think it would be fairly quickly. But when you go dairy free it can take a week or so to work.



    u know i was reading up on the nestle thing and for as much as they advertise to third world countries i really wish medela would also or some sort of breast pump companies. im egyptian and i can tell u to this day most women over there have no clue what a breast pump is. u shoulda seen the look on my dads face when i was giving my daughter pumped milk when she was a baby, he kept insisting i not give her ‘that formula’ since ‘that formula’ upset my tummy when i was little and i kept explainign to him its not ‘that formula’ its my own milk pumped from my body! finally my mom had to explain it to him haha. anyway point being i feel like a pump is sometimes a lifesaver when it comes to increasing supply, maintaining supply when baby cant latch, going back to work, etc. egypt was one of the first countries in the mideast to get birth control, meaning more family planning an dmore women going back to of course formula became so popular there. had there breastpumps im sure that wouldnt have been the case….just my thoughts hehe


    I got a story… Clementines doctor told me to skip a feeding in the early evening so that when i fed her before bed she’d get a nice big feeding and sleep through the night..this is when he said it would be BEST to introduce formula..then gave me a very nice simulac diaper bag filled with formula and fantastic coupons… I was horrified that he would tell me this. Its a good thing I knew what he was telling me was wrong. I never introduced formula because i knew he was full of shit. At the nxt appt she had grown quite a bit and he said oh looks like the formula is working and i just shrugged and said oh no I never tried that she’s still ebf….



    What fold do you use so that there isn’t so much bulk between the legs? So far I think the newspaper fold is best at containing the big poos.



    All the luck in the world to you. Update us on Monday for sure. Hopefully we’ll be handing out high fives!

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