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    Leslie, that is scary. I remember when that happened, I was one of the first to say get her out of there! So glad you did.



    lckyladyl, I did know that, and I agree! I like the darker colored beads better too! We compromised and got a darker bead color in a semi-polished variety. So, dark but cloudy! The good stuff is in the outer coating of the bead, so the less the take off when polishing the better. That is what leaves them cloudy. 🙂 We got a 12″ length for Zach. Here is a link to help you choose what size…



    I never felt a let down or leaked with my first baby and Nursed for a little over a year. Now with my second the first few weeks the let downs hurt and I leaked all the time. It’s been 3 1/2 months and I am back to not feeling the let downs and not leaking. Is it alright not not feel the let downs and also just out of curiosity, how many let downs do you usually have each time you feed?



    Thanks for your suggestions, ladies. Bouza, we have introduced a small serve of vegetables each day because we wanted to be ‘baby led’, as much as we could in this regard. All babies are different and ours made it abundantly clear she wanted what we were having. It’s not about weaning. She drinks just as much breastmilk and will continue to get just one meal a day of solids til she is six months old. She is loving exploring a range of vegetables at this time so it feels right to be going with it. We are aware of the WHO guidelines but also of new research that suggests delaying solids does not necessarily reduce succeptability to allegies.



    I know I have asked this before but still looking for a cure. Has anyone had any success healing deep cracks in nipples? I have tried the lanolin cream, but the moisture seemed to make them worse. I am currently trying just leaving them alone altogether and I think this is working better but I just wondered if there were any other tried and tested methods. I have also put breast milk on them. Maybe I am expecting them to heal faster than I should.



    Kathleen112 – I had trouble with milk supply and cracked nipples and ended up exclusively pumping with my son for 6 months. In regards to the supply… my doctor prescribed something called Motilium and I took 2 of those pills 4 times a day. It made a great deal of difference with my supply. As far as pumping goes… I only pumped 4 times a day and then if I still didn’t make enough we supplemented with formula. I pumped when I first woke up, right after lunch, right before supper and then right before I went to bed. Having a routine created some sanity in my life and made the whole issue of pumping alot easier. Good luck to you and I hope you get it all worked out.



    So i just realized, I have made it 4 months breast feeding, and 3 months with no bottles. Im very proud of myself! When i first had alexis, i was so overwhelmed didnt think i would make it, but i pushed on! Im gonna keep going as long as i can, maybe a year…maybe 2? we shall see.



    Hi ladies – I am still exclusively breastfeeding my 4month old and am pregnant again! AHH! But, sadly, my milk supply is getting low:( I used to feed and pump like a champ and now I am living feeding to feeding. Any suggestions on safe ways to increase my flow again whilst pregnant? Also, has anyone heard that conceiving while EBFing increases the odds of twins? I have my first appt on Friday but I have a feeling its twins!



    Hi katiebear,

    When I pumped I made sure I had it on full
    to get the most out at one time…. It hurts at first but you get used to it…. But I must say to keep your supply up, you have to pump every 3-4 hours and empty fully…. Hopefully that little baby of yours will be ready to latch any time soon! 🙂



    gunna-be-a-mummy – Don’t let others judge you. If the pair of you enjoy it then don’t stop. Of course if you want to then it’s fine. What works for us is when we are in public Kekoa uses a sippy and nurses at home and daycare. He’s 14months. I plan to wean around 18months. The several ped. associations now recommend nursing until 2 yrs. There are benefits to nursing past a year. Good Luck either way. but remember, this is your choice and no one else’s.



    Anyone having problems with recurrent mastitis? This is my second infection and it had me rushing to the ER (and feeling like an idiot) because after 24 hours of antibiotics and on Motrin I still had a 103 degree temp. They sent me home with the same antibiotics and I still feel like crap- I have a follow-up on Monday I guess to make sure its not an abscess. HOw do I prevent this from happening again?


    Member and my then 5 month old are flying to the bahamas..we’ll be there for a month. I’ve never vacationed with a baby before. any tips on what to bring? I already hae a script of keflex incase I get mastitis.



    Eclairesmom – Massage the lump with the heat to break it down. Also, breastfeed your baby on that side with his/her chin pointing at the lump. I know this can be hard depending on where it is located but I heard it helps. Keep pumping that side or express by hand to see if you can unclog it. If you tried everything and can’t seem to get it clear call your doctor. They may have other options for you. I’m not sure. I didn’t catch mine in time way back when so when I was calling the doctor it was for full blown mastitis.



    My daughter is almost 6 weeks and we have been bf since birth. I’ve been using the avent manual pump to express milk to store. It’s okay, but wondering if it will be easier with an electric one. I’m thinking about getting an electric pump because I want very bad to make bf work once I return to work. Are the electric ones better than the manual? Is medella really the best brand for pumps? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, please post on my page. Angie


    I’m totally bummed. I woke up to a New Year’s gift of my period. 🙁 Evin turns 9 months in 2 days. I guess I have had 17 months off, but I sooooo didn’t want it to come back yet. It’s really, really light right now, so just maybe it won’t come on all the way. 🙁

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